Ultra Japan 2016 Recap

Day 1

Perhaps the most highly anticipated festival to ever happen in Asia, Ultra Japan, was one for the books. We got it started off right with day one, and for the next two days it was a rip-roaring festival of excitement, fun, vibes, and new beats. Even though the weather, for the most part, was not cooperating it did not matter as the festivla goers in attendance at Ultra Japan were ready to get it started and have the time of their lives.

So back to day one, this saw the likes of W&W, Zhu, Kygo, Deadmau5, and Tom Swoon take the mainstage to the at capacity over 40,000 people in attendance. The festival had been sold out for more than a week in advance. It was literally impossible to get into the festival if you had not bought tickets beforehand. It was the place to be if you were someone.


The Ultra brand was strong and widely seen throughout the festival not only as part of the stages and grounds but there were flags, t-shirts, hats, costumes all adorned with the Ultra “U.” To say the least, the Ultra brand is now worldwide and is as ubiquitous as any name brand out there.

The first day of Ultra Japan brought us cloudy skies, but the heat and humidity were there as characterized by any normal typhoon season in Tokyo. The girls were scantily dressed and the guys had their normal raver costumes on as well. The show started at 11am and from the very start it was a packed affair.


Some of the highlights included Tom Swoon opening up the mainstage after the local openers. A self-proclaimed fan of Japan and Japanese culture, Tom played a few of his singles including, Alive, La Fanfarra, and Never Give Up.

Next on the stage included W&W, who in their own right our house / trance legends – depending on who you ask. Rave after Rave, as usual brought the house down. One of the most highly anticipated sets came from Zhu who played a live set which was then followed by Kygo. For the most part, no matter who you asked, Kygo was the highlight of Ultra Japan. His tropical house vibe beats were awesome and during the sunset, there was no better time for him to go on and do his thing. Finally, Deadmau5 and DJ Snake closed out the mainstage, both polar opposites yet provided a perfect anthesis to the end of day one Ultra Japan.

Day 2

Onto the second day of Ultra Japan or otherwise known as the middle child of festivals..actually no, no on has ever called it that. However, to most day two can either be an added bonus to an already amazing day one or a makeup or redo to their day one. Often times considered the redemption day. Remember 3 days festivals are considered a marathon and not a race.


It is no doubt that Ultra Japan brought to use some of the craziest and wildest parties in all of Asia and perhaps the world. This is due in big part to the awesome and amazing lineup that the people of Ultra brought us. To say the least the lineup is stacked from top to bottom across all three stages. The mainstage,however is the shining beacon and puts on display some of the hottest and best acts in electronic dance music. Day two was no different as the likes of Carnage, Fedde le Grand, and Nic Faniculli.

Let’s start with the local favorite, Fedde. Just a few short months ago at the Pacha Festival, Fedde again played to a sold out crowd along the Tokyo Harbor in the same area that Ultra was going on. Later that night he even played the afterparty at perhaps Tokyo’s #1 club, ELE. The Japanese love Fedde and to be honest I do not blame them as he always brings his best with his energetic, booming, yet still melodic sets. If you have not listened to these Fedde tracks yet that were played during the set you should head over to Beatport and listen / buy right now – drop everything – singles included, Rythem of the Night, Feel Good, Give Me Some, and Down On Me.


Other mainstage titans on the second day included Hardwell, Knife Party, and Carnage. What a lineup right? It was amazing and every single one of these DJs brought the house or since we are at a festival, stage, down.

The Resistance stage was also going wild as the two heavyweights, Technasia and Nic Faniculli closed off this stage to a clinic of techno and deep house beats that got to your soul and heart.

Finally, that was the end to day two but we have one more day, the grand finale of day three for Ultra Japan.

Day 3

All good things come to an end and Ultra Japan was no different. The past two days had been nothing less than amazing. Who knew that Day three could top them all off. Well, you know what? It did!

Day three was marked with heavy downpours and a constant barrage of mist and light rain. To say the least, it was a wet one. Yet this did not dampen anyone spirits as the crowd was still there and had as much energy and excitement than they had from the first day of Ultra.


Seen above the Ultra Lounge was the perfect place to get away with everything and just have some good and peaceful R and R. Yet when you were ready to get into the beatstorm that is Ultra, you were only steps away from both the Resistance Stage and also mainstage.

The three main artists that were perhaps the most anticipated and highlighted artists of the festival took the stage today. This trio of powers included, Marshmello, Martin Garrix, and Tiesto. There were many other amazing artists playing on the last day of Ultra Japan, however these artists really stood apart and played all amzing sets that were one for the books.


There is no hotter DJ in the game than Marshmello, whoever is under the mask, who knows, but one thing we do know is that he produces, mixes, and plays fire. He did not disappoint at Ultra Japan as he took down the crowd with his remix of the Bieber single Where Are U Now.

Both Martin Garrix and Tiesto have very different styles, but both are some of the most amazing DJ and producers out there. Going back to back but playing different solo sets, Garrix and Tiesto ended Ultra Japan as they should, with a strong bang. Both played a few IDs that I’ve never heard of. Both are friends. If nothing else brings people back to Ultra, it will be the memory of these two legends closing off Ultra 2016 in Tokyo in a legendary way. Some of the track highlights include, Wombass, Get Down, Split (Only U) from Tiesto and also Garrix’s The Only Way is Upm Dragon, Remor, and Break THourgh The Silence.

Next year’s Ultra Japan should be amazing. Tickets will go on sale soon. So stay tuned to TFSF for any news related and we will keep you in the know.

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