Ulrich Capaul: “Trance reflects life’s sensations.”

I’ve always had a passion for music since I was a kid and still enjoy every kind of music with a huge love for trance.  I was introduced to trance in 2007 by a friend giving him me liveset from Menno de Jong during a Nike Tennis Camp.  I was in charge of the music and he said take “check this out”.  That night I download Tiesto’s Elements of Life and was hooked on the music.  For about 6 months I listened to those tracks during team workouts and at house parties.  Soon I went to my first event Etd.Pop 2008 just to watch Tiesto.  I was bummed the lights went out but I soon found out that there are several other amazing artists and trance fans.  I think EDC 2008 opened my eyes to the raving scene for a few months, experimenting with different genres of electronic music.  I just always ended having trance as my favorite.

I soon started tuning into A State of Trance weekly and looking at tracklists for DJ’s sets and trying to ID tunes during sets.  My rush was knowing the name of the track before anyone in the room did.  My first club event was to see my favorite artist at the time, Menno de Jong and a rising star Gareth Emery.  Menno had a competition to see who his biggest North American tour fan was, and I won!  So I got to see him again, do a shoutout in his podcast, and get guest listed to any of his events in California that year.  Starting around ASOT400 I realized I was more than the typical trance fan because I recognize almost every song in many livesets, I knew what releases were happening every week, and I had a huge passion for finding new songs.

My passion for trance then took me to an idea of how I could meet all my favorite artists.  My first time going backstage as press was at the Electric Daisy Carnival in 2009.  A good friend of mine on the tennis team asked if I wanted to get in free and possibly meet my favorite artists.  He said I would appreciate more than anyone he knew.  Well thanks to that my eyes were again opened.  I wanted to be engaging myself with the artists, interviewing them, taking pictures and just being around people that have the same passion for music as me.  Since then I conducted many interviews with my favorite artists and met several amazing people.

I wish there was more time in a day to listen to trance.  I constantly keep looking for new songs.  Over there last few years I’ve learned artists come and go, tracks stay for awhile or get played a couple of times, and people change their style.  With that said I appreciate Markus Schulz the most out of all the artists because he still works hard at his job and doesn’t forget what his passion is: MUSIC.  After seeing every artist more than once you begin to ask yourself if they are truly still trying to get better.  And after going to many events you begin to wonder how many people just go for the music.  I know still love trance more than anything.  I made a long quote once about trance but always it all comes down to this “Trance reflects life’s sensations.”

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