Trance Thursday Throwback (LovEvolution Edition pt. 2): “Beautiful”

Well, the time has come upon us: LovEvolution is so close the Bay Area can almost taste it!  The glorious return of the premiere EDM showcase in the Bay Area is back and the anticipation is killing us!  I know it’s definitely doing a mind job on all of us here in the TranceFamily SF HQ.  However, before we get to all the fun stuff like contests, promos, interviews, and bracelet giveaways, let’s not forget that today is Trance Thursday and another Throwback is in order.  Since LovEvolution is in t-minus 2 days, let’s take it back to another great Lovefest anthem from back in the day.  Rewind to 2007, the renaissance year of electronic music for me and my first Lovefest ever attended.  Trance was new and exciting for me and one of the first artists I turned to was Ferry Corsten.  His energy and uplifting style immediately grabbed my attention.  Anthem of that year’s event?  The now classic and still highly played “Beautiful”.  While the song first saw the light of day in 2006 on Ferry’s L.E.F. album, a single release and repeated set plays later, it was still going strong in 2007 for Lovefest.  Let’s go back down memory lane and reminisce it in all it’s glory:

Ferry Corsten – Beautiful

Oh mean doesn’t that just bring back so many memories?  Those of you who were at EDC this year for Ferry’s set, you know what I’m talking about.  Or what about those that saw Ferry play at Ruby Skye in September 2010.  Still just as good as the first time you ever hear it.  Let’s bring it back live in 2007:


Never a dull moment with that man let me tell you.  While slightly off subject (but not really), I can’t wait until his new album drops.  What will his next anthem be?  ‘




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