Tiësto Announces Trance Classics Tour

During an exclusive interview with TranceFamily SF after his Ultra Music Festival set, Tijs Michiel Verwest aka Tiesto, announced a Trance Classics Tour in 2020.

“Having spent several years away from Trance, I think it’s time for me to go back to the roots. I am making a lot of money now, but I am not happy. Playing big room EDM and festivals were cool for a while. but I have lost my soul along the way.”  – Tiesto burst into tears as he opened up to us.

“It’s time for a come back. I will be kicking off a Trance Classics Tour starting with TFSF X in 2020 – TranceFamily SF 10 Year Anniversary at Chase Center in San Francisco. That will be my only show in USA due to my exclusive deal with Sony and Ulrich of TranceMafia. They are the guys who opened my eyes and made me realize that I was going on a the wrong path.”

Tiesto also revealed his plans for a Trance Album with collaborations with hottest Trance acts: Ciaran McAuley, Ferry Tayle, James Dymond, Jase Thrilwall, Shugz, and Stoneface & Terminal.  All of them are playing the TFSF9 show in SF on May 26th. You can get the tickets for that show at trancefamilysf.com/tickets

Check out the upcoming TranceFamily SF shows below:


Line up
3/30/2019 Halcyon Kyau & Albert x Dolby Atmos [Get Tickets]
[Meet And Greet Tickets]
4/11/2019 Audio Ashley Wallbridge [Get Tickets]
[Meet and Greet Tickets]
4/12/2019 Mezzanine Giuseppe Ottaviani LIVE 2.0 [Get Tickets]
4/19/2019 Halcyon Kristina Sky + Jes [Get Tickets]
4/25/2019 Audio Orjan Nilsen [Get Tickets]
4/20/2019 Mezzanine Vini Vici [Get Tickets]
5/3/2019 TBA TBA TBD
5/24/2019 Halcyon Super8 & Tab x Dolby Atmos [Get Tickets]
5/26/2019 1015 Folsom Ciaran McAuley, Ferry Tayle, James Dymond, Jase Thirlwall, Shugz and Stoneface & Terminal. More TBA [Get Tickets]
6/8/2019 TBA TBA TBD
6/13/2019 Audio Menno Solo [Get Tickets]
9/7/2019 TBA TBA TBD

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