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You recently released your Unified Extended Mixes album. How did you select which artists would remix the tracks?

Most of the tracks are extended versions by us, but we also selected few remixes to be included as kind of bonus tracks. People had been asking for extended versions so decided to answer to that need!

Unified Extended Mixes also includes five remixed tracksWhich of these remixes surprised you most and why?

Yotto is our fellow countryman from Finland and he did extremely good work with Rubicon. He is on fire!

Your track No Frontiers with Julie Thompson showcases the huge, sweeping melodies that long-time Super8 & Tab fans have always loved. How has the success of this track influenced your future productions?

It will remain to be seen because we don’t think that way. Things just happen organically in our productions and so we tend to have a “sound” in our tracks that makes it easy to tell it’s a Super8 & Tab song.

Speaking of future tracks, we’ve heard you are working on new music. What can we expect next?

We have finished a couple of big remixes and then we have several tracks that are almost ready for release,  which we are road testing at the gigs right now. It’s driving music, but there are still lots of emotional bits and pieces in there too.

Can we expect any special collaborations in the near future? Maybe another Super8 & Tab and Jaytech track?

We have been talking with Jaytech about doing new a collab, along with other Anjuna artists and actually have started few already.

Almost all of your productions have been signed to Anjunabeats, even before Super8 & DJ Tab joined forces. How has this relationship grown and developed over the years?

Anjunabeats has grown bigger and bigger and we have been growing with them so it’s been good for us. It’s great when the label you are on is forward thinking, so that makes us work harder and be more creative too.

Lastly, you’re becoming regulars in San Francisco where your tour will visit on May 22. How does San Francisco differ from other cities you visit around the world?

San Francisco has a special place in our heart because that was the first place in the USA where we ever played, back in 2007 or 2008. Also we have always liked the vibe the city has. It’s chill in a good way!

Join Super8 & Tab this Friday at Ruby Skye!
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