Showtek at Ruby Skye | Event Review

The brothers Showtek, Sjoerd and Wouter Janssen, are not only one of the fastest rising acts in dance music at the moment, having collaborated with the likes of Justin Prime, Hardwell and the mighty Tiesto, but also one of the more energetic and well rounded artists you will come across in a period where it seems every artist is attempting to diversify his or her sound. Showtek have been doing so from day 1 itseems. Seamlessly blending hard dance, Trance and hard style all in a unique package that might leave you scratching your head, that being the case if it weren’t for your hands being already up in the air Showtekgoing bonkers.

On 6/29 at Ruby Skye Showtek accomplished just this, with a crowd that was clearly there to party and instantly recognized each signature track that was dropped. Starting out hard indeed Showtek wasted no time getting the people going nuts to “Hell Yeah,” “Get Loose,” and other hits. Even utilizing MC skills, which tend to have more of a negative effect with most electronic music shows, it truly showcased a style all their own as the crowd was properly hyped and the MC-ing didn’t take away from the music one bit, merely adding to the energy which was already through the roof.

As the night moved on Showtek even dropped records like their own remix of Dirty South’s “City of Dreams” and the ever popular smash Armin Van Buuren’s “This Is What It Feels Like,” W&W remix, peaking at the proper times right before what would be a hard dance and hard style climax no one could have seen coming which kept the entire crowd there until the very end of their set.

ShowtekIn conclusion what transpired over the course of the night was an act entirely it’s own animal, living up to the hype and more and a reputation that Showtek had commanded, not just with their massive productions as of late, but delivering in the DJ set as well with an insane energy and style all its own.

Review by Josh Ballesteros
Photos by Nandiya Attiya

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