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We all know and love Sander van Doorn for his euphoric sounds. When we found out that he would be coming to SF for Skills Events Pop NYE at the Armory, as Purple Haze, it couldn’t have been a better fit.  For any of you that have never been there, the building made of brick, has almost a castle like feel to it.  Once inside, the room was perfectly dark, with the right amount of lights and haze to give it a dark ambiance that fit the Purple Haze sound perfectly. Sitting down with him, we learned why the name Purple Haze, what ambitions he has for this sound, and what he could eat every day.

TFSF: I have to ask the obvious question, we’re in San Francisco. You’re here with your alias Purple Haze. Is there any significance in the name?

Purple Haze: (Laughs) I came up with the name after the first time in Amsterdam.  I was walking past this certain shop, I saw the name on a menu card and I was like, “Yeaaaaa, you know it reflects the style of music I want to produce.” That’s how I came up with the name. You know, it kind of reflects the music.  It’s a little bit hazy, a little bit moody and it perfectly fits the name.

Why did you feel the need to create the alias? 

Purple Haze: Actually I was already working on some music that was different compared to Sander van Doorn. I felt like I didn’t want to confuse everybody with producing all different genres under one name, which actually happened afterwards. At first I wanted to stick with different artist names for different styles of music. For instance Sam Sharp, which was more techy trance, Sandler, which was very euphoric, and so I needed a new name for something more dark, more moody, more story telling.  That is why I came up with Purple Haze.  Later on, everything came together as Sander van Doorn. About a year and a half ago I started producing this track that really had that whole Purple Haze feel to it. I decided I wanted to do something more with this. I started producing more and more music; one track after the other came out. The whole Purple Haze thing was reborn as a new fresh sound with a little bit of old roots to it.

What kind of emotions are you trying to get from your listeners with this sound?

Purple Haze:  The kind of emotions I get listening to bands like Radiohead. It’s the way of using chords, using more minor kinds of music; you create so much more feeling into your track. A track can be cheerful, moody, it can be everything.  Purple Haze is about a lot of emotion.  I always put a lot of feelings into my tracks when I produce them. Whenever I play a set as Purple Haze, I need to have that outlet in the studio as well as on stage.

                                                                                                                                                                  Photo: Doorn Music

Thinking about your career, you’ve obviously had a lot of successes, what to you has been the biggest highlight?

Purple Haze:  In my career? Wow, there have been a lot of highlights.  As a starting artist, the greatest thing you can experience is having your first record out on CD, well back in the day was vinyl.  It’s a truly special moment. Playing at a festival that you used to attend as a clubber is also really special.  Having the big DJs play your track for the first time, that’s a special moment.  I’ve had a lot of special moments.  I have to say though, the last couple of years, and especially last year with reviving the Purple Haze project, that was a big highlight for me.  Making the decision to do a new artist album is a big process and when it is finished you’re really proud. It’s something that came from the heart.

I’m sure that the road hasn’t been easy the whole time. What in your mind was the biggest failure, and how did you recover from that?

Purple Haze:  Hmmm… that’s a tough one…  Cupcakes…

Cupcakes… we did hear about this crazy incident, care to elaborate?

Purple Haze:  Yea!  I was playing a club in San Diego, it was my birthday.  A fan she brought a box of chocolate cupcakes with her. She waited throughout the whole set and because the club was so warm, the cupcakes melted!  I had just finished my set, got off the decks, and she walked towards me and tripped!  She dropped the whole box of chocolate cupcakes!  I was like well, “Thanks and happy birthday!” That was an embarrassing situation but pretty funny though!

What can we expect out of you for the next year?

Purple Haze:  A lot more shows and a lot more Purple Haze.  Purple Haze is a live act as well; we decided to do about four to five shows just to build up. People got so excited that five shows turned into fourteen shows in the first year, which is absolutely amazing. The focus will be more on Purple Haze and some Sander van Doorn with a lot of new tracks.  It will be an awesome year!

Let’s get to know the other side of you… thinking about the last year, what was the best purchase you made under $100? 

Purple Haze:  Steak. In Amsterdam, you can get an amazing steak for $40.

If you were going to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Purple Haze:  It’s probably going to be steak as well…maybe a hamburger. Actually I’m really unhealthy when I eat. McDonald’s I love!

What’s your favorite thing on the menu? 

Purple Haze:  The Big Tasty!

So what’s in the Big Tasty?

Purple Haze:  It’s bigger (lol) and more tasty!

To your fans that are here to see you tonight, what would you like to say?

Purple Haze:  First of all, thanks for your support. It’s been an amazing year. I’ve seen so many of my fans that I’ve had for SO many years, more than 15 years. They’re here waking up with me in the Purple Haze project! Happy New Year!

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