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63867_1613472625251_4232558_nHi everyone my name is Josh and I am a certified Tranceaddict.

That kind of sounds like an AA meeting intro I guess… but for me music isn’t just something I’m into, it’s truly an addiction and a passion that of which life would truly be incomplete without.

Being heavily involved in the scene here for a number of years now and growing up with what are now “classics,” these are very exciting times we’re living in for electronic music indeed. It seems like just yesterday I was a kid getting my driver’s licsense in high school, taking my car out on those hot summer nights to and from practice blasting track after track of this new type of music I had just stumbled upon, feeding my adolescent need for excitement and discovery paired with my newfound sense of freedom.

Days and nights like those were ages ago for me and so much has happened since then both in my own endeavors and enjoying and writing about the music we all love. For many of us I know it can be crazy to try and keep track of how many times we’ve seen our favorite artists, travelled to this or that show or kept up with release after release from whatever record labels. I must say I’ve been quite fortunate to be able to experience so so much of what our scene has had to offer over the years. 27732_1470724896647_8071423_nEverything from DJ-ing a bit myself in college to meeting so many talented artists, to making so many amazing memories with some of the very best friends I’ve ever had. To me the people are what this music is all about. It’s the ability to connect so many individuals from so many different walks of life, united by the same passion. It’s something truly remarkable and unique that I believe you cannot find anywhere else.

I think for many of us because so much has been happening so fast as of late it can be easy to get complacent or negative about certain directions or bits of electronic music is headed, but as it grows, evolves and continues to get bigger and bigger, I believe it’s more important than ever to stay humble, remember our roots as fans and always keep a fresh and open mind. Every fan starts somewhere after all and while EDM is a learning curve so to speak, it is the duty of many longtime fans to keep a positive, inclusive and open mind about new fans and directions our music is heading.

This is why I never try to forget that bright-eyed kid I was when I first got into all of this. When you never forget your own unique journey and remember why you got into this music in the first place, the labels we put on ourselves in the scene tend to disappear. That being said , never in my life have I been more in love and excited for the future of all EDM, our culture and all of you that help make it what it is. We are taking over the world after all.



As you follow our team, it is truly my honor to work to bring you the reader, my own unique perspective .

Stay tuned for more write ups and much more is all can say.

PLUR and catch this “ID nerd” at a show or festival sooner than later!




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