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Mission Statement: Our mission is to bring together trance music fans in the San Francisco bay area to build a community not only for the trance music scene in northern California, but a strong foundation uniting all trance fans along the West Coast of the United States. We will provide fans with the latest releases from local and global trance artists, up to date information regarding bay area events, and global news within the trance music industry. We are also committed to uniting all TranceFamily’s around the world to join the ultimate cause of spreading the awareness of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) to the rest of humanity. TranceFamily SF stands for peace, love, unity, respect, and the universal passion for trance music.

“In Every Beat, We Are Closer.”

TranceFamily SF

Meet The Team:

Sony Jacob
Co- Founder

Twitter: @sonyjacob

I don’t know when I started to listen to trance, but I used to casually listened to trance music for a long time without much knowledge of the any DJs/Producers except for the big ones like Tiesto, ATB, & Paul van Dyk.  I used to tune into Digitally Imported radio once in a while when I’m studying or doing homework, just to listen to music without much lyrics to avoid distraction.   I didn’t know who was Armin van Buuren until I saw him at Ruby Skye in November 2009.  That was my first “Trance Event”.  After that night, listening to trance music and following the DJs turned into a passion of mine.  The meaning of clubs changed after I discovered the trance scene of San Francisco and the passionate fans of trance music that follow the DJs, & listen to trance like a religion.

I’m a multi-genre person.  I can’t survive without music.  Whether it is Rock, R&B, or Trance; each genre plays a different role in my life. I love outdoor activities such as Biking, Snowboarding, Hiking; and I always listen to music while on my outdoor activities.  I needed some uplifting music to keep me pumped during my outdoor adventures. Trance was the answer for my need for energetic & uplifting music.  There is so much energy embedded in trance tracks, and trance music has the power to hit the deepest spots of you subconscious.   No other genre evokes so much emotion & passion from within, and takes you to a higher state of being.

Kendra Aker
Co- Founder


I first started listening to trance music when I was living in Weed, Ca May 2009. I had an “end of the semester” party at my house, which included dancing, socializing, and all kinds of music. I’ve always been very social and love to attend (or put on) events to bring people together. Anyways, this party at my house seemed to be the perfect way for everyone at my college to say goodbye before moving on in their academic career. About midway through the night one of my girlfriends threw on her trance cd and completely turned the social gathering into a dance party. Everyone in my house danced to Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Benny Benassi, Enur, Foggy, Daft Punk, and ATB. Unfortunately I didn’t realize my passion for this genre of music until the next morning when I was cleaning my house. I threw on one of the cd’s while picking up cups from beer pong and was blown away by the sound coming from the speakers. This developed into my passion for trance music and my goal to spread trance music to everyone in my life including friends, family, and even strangers.

When I moved to the bay area in August 2009, I was amazed by the amount of trance artists that came through San Francisco on a weekly basis. My first trance event was Armin van Buuren at Ruby Skye November 2, 2009 presented by Spundae. That was a night I will never forget. The energy, the passion, and of course the music was life changing. During the night I always had the urge to have my camera in hand and film as many moments as I could before my battery ran out. The next day I locked myself in my room for about 8 hours and created my first trance video. Even though it wasn’t that great of a video, I realized I enjoy reliving an event through story telling. I continued to attend trance events in San Francisco and made videos for each experience. These events were Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, and Spundae’s 17th Anniversary which included Gareth Emery, Menno de Jong, and ATB. It wasn’t until my video of Spundae’s 17th Anniversary in February 2010 when I was noticed for my passion of trance music and joined the Spundae team as their videographer. Being a part of Spundae was a huge honor and I’m very thankful for Spundae’s continued support for my passion.

Music is not just a passion, it’s a way of living. I feel very blessed to have trance music in my life and look forward to my future involvement within the trance music industry. My ultimate goal in life is to spread trance music to as many people as I can to bring together the universal TranceFamily. I’ve learned nothing is impossible, and the world is at my fingertips. 🙂

“Peace, Love, and Long Live Trance Music”

Ulrich Capaul

Twitter: @ulrichcapaul156367_772585645078_7354373_n

I’ve always had a passion for music since I was a kid and still enjoy every kind of music with a huge love for trance. I was introduced to trance in 2007 by a friend giving him me liveset from Menno de Jong during a Nike Tennis Camp. I was in charge of the music and he said take “check this out”. That night I download Tiesto’s Elements of Life and was hooked on the music. For about 6 months I listened to those tracks during team workouts and at house parties. Soon I went to my first event Etd.Pop 2008 just to watch Tiesto. I was bummed the lights went out but I soon found out that there are several other amazing artists and trance fans. I think EDC 2008 opened my eyes to the raving scene for a few months, experimenting with different genres of electronic music. I just always ended having trance as my favorite.

I soon started tuning into A State of Trance weekly and looking at tracklists for DJ’s sets and trying to ID tunes during sets. My rush was knowing the name of the track before anyone in the room did. My first club event was to see my favorite artist at the time, Menno de Jong and a rising star Gareth Emery. Menno had a competition to see who his biggest North American tour fan was, and I won! So I got to see him again, do a shoutout in his podcast, and get guest listed to any of his events in California that year. Starting around ASOT400 I realized I was more than the typical trance fan because I recognize almost every song in many livesets, I knew what releases were happening every week, and I had a huge passion for finding new songs.

My passion for trance then took me to an idea of how I could meet all my favorite artists. My first time going backstage as press was at the Electric Daisy Carnival in 2009. A good friend of mine on the tennis team asked if I wanted to get in free and possibly meet my favorite artists. He said I would appreciate more than anyone he knew. Well thanks to that my eyes were again opened. I wanted to be engaging myself with the artists, interviewing them, taking pictures and just being around people that have the same passion for music as me. Since then I conducted many interviews with my favorite artists and met several amazing people.

I wish there was more time in a day to listen to trance. I constantly keep looking for new songs. Over there last few years I’ve learned artists come and go, tracks stay for awhile or get played a couple of times, and people change their style. With that said I appreciate Markus Schulz the most out of all the artists because he still works hard at his job and doesn’t forget what his passion is: MUSIC. After seeing every artist more than once you begin to ask yourself if they are truly still trying to get better. And after going to many events you begin to wonder how many people just go for the music. I know still love trance more than anything. I made a long quote once about trance but always it all comes down to this “Trance reflects life’s sensations.”


2c65567f76d64863d81b21bc3d25fc29Twitter: @RaeBunz

Hi! I’m RaeBunz and I’m in a relationship with Trance music. We’ve been together for sixteen years now, and I just know it’s going to last forever. I feel so fortunate to have been exposed to Trance music at a young age. I was listening to the radio one Saturday night my cousin and we came across Live 105 Subsonic playing their weekly Electronic Dance Music countdown. It was love at first beat. I felt an immediate urge to get up and dance. Over a short period of time, I fell in love with Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, and ATB to name a few. Especially Ferry’s “Out Of The Blue” (which I’ve easily listened to over 5 hundred… thousand times), it amazes me how he’s able to take a simple melody and make it into something so full of meaning and emotion. It did in song what a million words could never do. Trance music has helped me bring out emotions when I had a hard time expressing them. It’s the type of music that brings people together and you know you’re never alone. It also helps bring a sense serenity, that wherever you are or whatever is going on in your life, you feel alright. Not only is it a way to escape, but it brings you to a place where you can think clearly and see things the way they should be seen- positively, full of potential, and full of life! Everything in this world makes sense and that you should always be this happy. At least, that’s what I get from it!

My love for music was then enhanced after attending my first event in San Francisco. The vibe was absolutely AMAZING and you can literally feel the love in the air. Everyone there, young and old, seemed so alive and full of energy. Some of the older people were dancing even harder than the younger ones! I thought to myself, “I just found the Fountain of Youth!” This music keeps me feeling young and alive. I guess that’s where I got my nickname, “The Energizer Bunny”. This is also where I learned the meaning of P.L.U.R. Peace, to simultaneously coexist with one another without conflict and negativity. Love, to show affection and befriend each other regardless of race or gender. Unity, to come together as one with a common interest and to make others feel accepted and a part of something. Respect, to let people be who they truly are, with no criticism or judgment and giving those around you the highest regard we’d give ourselves. Now, c’mon, how great does that sound?? It’s more than just the music, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s the way I chose to live my life.  It has made my outlook on life more positive, more hopeful, and I am open to all things new and different- I can’t be happier. Now my lifelong goal is to spread love and music to anyone and everyone.  Sharing is caring! This is too much love for one person to have. Plus, Trance music sounds so much better when it is shared.

Suzanne Welker Jurgens

SuzanneTwitter: @swjurgens

I’ve been listening to trance music forever from back in the early days of BT, Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, ATB, Tiësto, Sasha, Digweed, the list could go on and on and on. So I guess you could say I’m a little bit “old school” when it comes to my love of trance. I’ve enjoyed hearing how trance has evolved over the years. Although I try to be open to other genres of music, I’ve found my home with trance whether it is progressive, uplifting or my favorite unicorn slaying trance! No matter what life brings, trance always brings me back to a place of pure joy and makes my soul sing. My #1 DJ, Markus Schulz, has truly become the soundtrack for my life. I just can’t get enough of that Coldharbour sound, so my life revolves around Thursdays when I can tune into Global DJ Broadcast. Besides Markus, some of the DJs/producers that I listen to regularly are a part of the Coldharbour Recordings family including KhoMha, Grube & Hovsepian, M.I.K.E., Beat Service and more. Max Graham, Simon Patterson, Gai Barone, Solarstone, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond, among others are some of my favorite DJs.

I remember the first time that I heard about TranceFamily SF was September 2011 at the Lovevolution After party where Sony Jacob handed me a blue TranceFamily SF “In Every Beat, We Are Closer” wristband. I still wear it to all of the trance shows that I attend!

Fast forward to November 2012 when I decided that it was time to marry my passion of music with my extensive experience in media. I jumped feet first into developing along with another site You may have seen me at events waving the Schulz Army flag and passing out “#SchulzArmy Down the Rabbit Hole” wristbands.

I am really excited to be a part of the TranceFamily SF team and look forward to seeing many of you at shows in the Bay Area!

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