Meet Nandiya Attiya – The Official Photographer of TranceFamily SF

Growing up, I listened to a lot of music. It’s my way of spacing myself from the world and lifting me into a different state of mind. I knew I had a passion for it when I first picked up the guitar. A connection grew between myself and the guitar with each rhythmic strum. I jammed my heart out every night playing my new found instrument. Rock bands and cds soon filled my already growing music collection. I remember when I was first introduced to trance music. The melodies were perfectly in tune with my uplifted feelings. That was when I realized the true affection I have for trance. Robert Miles’ “Children” was the first trance song I remember hearing as a kid. Tiesto started to become a familiar name to me. Later in my teenage years, I went through a “rock phase” where I’d listen to all kinds of rock, alternative, and indie rock music. I isolated myself with my guitar, covering any song I found that was catchy. I was then re-introduced to trance with Above & Beyond- which eventually became my all time favorite trance group. I started listening to Trance Around The World which also led me to Armin Van Buuren’s A State of Trance. From these two radio shows, I became more familiar with other big trance names like Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Dash Berlin, Cosmic Gate, Nitrious Oxide, The Thrillseekers, and many others. Other genres of electronic dance music made their way into my playlists as well as other radio shows. I attended many live shows and in the beginning, I remember thinking to myself, “wow this is completely different from listening to this with headphones!” The crowd and the people sang together and it really felt like a family. The connection was real, the lyrics were real, and the DJ was present! It was so surreal. I finally got to see Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond live for the first time at EDC 2010 in LA. A stranger came by my side as we both sang “Home” (my favorite song at that moment) and neither of us cared whether we knew each other or not. All that mattered at that moment in time was that we were there, together, surrendering ourselves to the uplifting power of trance.

Aside from music, I also have a love for photography. I was involved with several film projects and I had an interest specifically in cinematography. I developed a mild obsession with how the vivid pictures and meaningful composition worked in film and eventually found myself holding a camera. Soon thereafter, I focused more on the photographic elements and discovered my forte. As a visual type of person, I was excited to be able to visually express myself.


To be able to work with TranceFamily SF is such an honor now that I can combine both my musical and photographic passions. I truly believe that trance has the power to bring people together and also I hope to spread the love of trance through this medium to all those that love music. I look forward to more small moments in the future and to connecting with many more people!


Much love,

Nandiya A.








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