Meet Becca Shayne, Design & Media Director

Becca Shayne

Design & Media Director, Photo & Video

Twitter: @beccashayne


Bio: I grew up five minutes north of San Francisco, in Mill Valley, though I am proud to say I was born in the San Francisco Children’s Hospital, even though my parents lived in Oakland at the time. I just graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Graphic Design. The Bay Area is my favorite place on earth, besides Barcelona, where I studied abroad. I’m a proud San Franciscan, I’m a foodie, and I am obsessed with music.

Music has been the main character of my life since the word go. My parents always had music playing, and several instruments around the house. I’ve been playing guitar since I was about fourteen, and I’ve been singing my whole life. My earliest EDM memories are around 2001, when I was ten. Riding to school in the back seat with my sister, my mom driving. She had us tuned into 92.7. This is pre-Energy92.7 (which I miss dearly). I’m talking the Techno Days of “Dance Your A** Off” station, where they only had one CD of tracks that they would repeat all day long, like “Days Go By,” Dirty Vegas, and “Breathe,” Blu Cantrell. I went to a bunch of little shows for 18 and under or 18+ during and after high school, and I spent every Wednesday of Summer 2009 in the basement of Blake’s, on Telegraph in Berkeley, jumping up and down to the beats of Electro Pop Rocks, which has evolved so much since then, I don’t even recognize it.

In addition to live shows, I’m an avid listener of podcasts. If you’re going to continue to listen to the old music (like Tri-State) as well as listen to the new things (like Group Therapy), and podcasts, which are updated weekly, other musical genres are going to to have to take a backseat! For the last year or so, I have listened almost exclusively to various genres within EDM, staying loyal to my favorites, like Jaytech, Above & Beyond, Tritonal, Markus Schulz, Soundprank, Myon & Shane 54, etc, and all things Anjuna. But I also try to keep a heavy dose of brand new, learn more, try this, in my insatiable EDM diet.

Over the last year my love for and interest in EDM and Trance has grown immensely. I’ve gone to as many live shows as I can. I’ve learned so much about it, grown to have my own favorites, and enjoy learning from my friends. It’s become a vast network of which I am honored to be a part, and even more so, now that I get to contribute. I hope with TranceFamily SF to spread our all-consuming passion and respect for the music, and to make connections with people all over the globe.

If you want to poke around what I get up to when it’s not music, check out my graphic design blog (in which I frequently post about music anyway), and my portfolio.

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