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Have you ever experienced a festival where you as a fan can be dancing or standing next to an artist with in the music industry? An event that would feature a collaboration between Armin Van Buuren and Above and Beyond? A festival that happens every year connecting fans, DJs, and producers from all over the world. Those who made the journey, were all united on one dance floor in the Netherlands.

ALDA Events together with A State of Trance has reached an incredible milestone having 35,000 people come to the Jaarbus Event Center in Utrecht. Fans, DJs, and Producers like myself were able to experience a wide world range of music from progressive to 138 and even Psy-trance.

I had the opportunity to meet with a friend who has been exploding under the Armada Brand, Luke Bond. He’s had a lot of success in the last few years working with many notable brands i.e., Armada, Spinnin’ Records, and Garuda. He was a little quiet in 2018, but is he screaming more than ever in 2019!!  If you have been watching his social media feed you can see how hard he is working on “cheeky” bangers as he would say, such as ‘Right Now’ featuring Sara Skinner. We had a chat about how he started in the scene, where his inspiration comes from, and his love of his fans. – Author: Gene Xander

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Gene Xander: How did it all start for you?

Luke Bond: I started making music when I was 17 years old in 2007. I was in college at the time. Didn’t really do well in school, but I always loved dance music as a child like Sandstorm and geeked out with computers. When I got to my teens I realized that was the point when I wanted to figure out how to make dance music. When I started to figure it out, I progressed more and more.

Gene: Who do you draw your inspiration from and have a lot of respect for?

Luke: One of my favorite producers is KSHMR who is more of a mainstream EDM guy. I love his approach to producing, the quality of his work, and production techniques he applies to his music, very edgy. I use a lot of his stuff for my own music because I just love the way it sounds.

A lot of inspiration comes from film music, like Hans Zimmer or Two Steps from Hell who are a Norwegian group that make a lot of music for trailers which is awesome and I love it! My big room stuff is heavily influenced by film music.

Gene: I have known you for quite some time, and have seen your career grow. What is the reason you have different aliases?

Luke: I don’t have many aliases, only two. I have done a lot of ghost producing and engineering for other artists.


Gene: What about Militia?

Luke: Militia has been kind of a little secret for the last year. It has not been formally announced, but everyone knows it’s me and Standerwick. Started off as a little project. Standerwick and I have been friends for a long time. He is an amazing producer and we have a lot of fun working in the studio. We kind of jammed out and made a track.

Photo: Luke Bond Twitter

Gene: You had moved for a little bit to California, but you are not there now. Did you find moving from your home helped progress your career?

Luke: I learned a lot about the US scene. I met a lot of really talented producers and built really great friendships that I have maintained to this very day. A lot of people that I talk to on a daily basis are from the United States actually from song writes to producers.

Gene: Let’s talk producer to producer. I am always experiencing friends and fans asking for advice on where to start when making the music or joining the scene. I tell them to try out different DAW (Digital Art Workstations) and choose a reference track they can build from to understand how music is made. With your experience, what would you suggest to an up and coming producer on where they should start?

Luke: I always tell people to try different DAWs and use the one you are comfortable with. Never choose a DAW because your favorite DJ uses it. Never choose one because someone else told you to use it. Choose a DAW that you like because they are all pretty much the same thing but have different types of workflow so choose a workflow that works for you. I have used Logic for 6 years from 2010 to 2016 and my music production was meh. I switched to Ableton right after and my workflow has improved. Be very patient. You are not going to make songs that you like overnight. It takes a long time for a person to learn and you should never push out music until it is at the level that other people are doing it. It takes time. For me it has taken 10 years.

Gene: What other genres do you like to listen to that help stir the creative process in your work?

Luke: I love a lot of different genres. I listen to hardstyle and big room. A lot of my sounds are big room influenced. Outside of electronic, I love ambient music and film music like I mentioned before. I love Synth wave which is like retro 80s kind of style.

Gene: What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?

Luke: If you want to be a big DJ you need to focus on the music. You need to have music under your name. The dynamics have changed for the last few years with more pressure on being active on social media. There are some DJs that are blowing up now that do not even push out that much music, but have a social media presence that is helping them get gigs now.

Gene: What has been your favorite fan moment?

Luke: One guy a few years ago messaged me on Facebook letting me know that my music has helped him from committing suicide. That was really next level for me and really powerful. I have never forgotten that moment. Sometimes you are so focused on making music that you never realize how much of an effect it has on people. When you get comments like that, it gives you a driving force to keep doing it.

Gene: Favorite food to eat when you go to the states?

Luke: I love Korean bbq. Loads of Korean bbq spots in California.

Gene:  What about In & Out?

Luke: I love In & Out. I order double-double, animal fries, and Neapolitan shake.

Gene: How do you like to decompress after spending hours in the studio or after playing an event?

Luke: Hangout with my friends, hit the gym, and try to disconnect a little bit.

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