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I have always been a huge fan of successful women in the music industry. This past October, I got to meet one of them, Kristina Sky. Going on her 8th Groove Cruise, I had the chance to learn about her unplanned journey since 2002 to becoming a DJ. You can definitely tell KSky is passionate about interacting with her fans, whether it is eating pizza or drinking champagne into the early hours of day light. Many of the GC Family on board are hardcore Ksky fans, and sharing sets with them was a beautiful experience, thanks again to TFSF and Neon Owl.

Sailing Groove Cruise with a Clear Sky

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TFSF/Neon Owl: How do you feel being on Groove Cruise once again?

Kristina Sky: It’s my 8th cruise, 9th will be in Miami. I’ve been on both cruises and it is awesome every time. It is the same, but different every time. Groove Cruise doesn’t just book the obvious DJ’s. They book other DJs that you wouldn’t necessarily always see. Then when you find out who is playing you say, “Hey! I really like that DJ.” It’s cool because people can come see big DJ’s, but also discover new music.  There are not very many festival environments where you can walk around and interact with talent. Usually, at a festival, there are only backstage areas where DJ’s don’t usually go out into the crowd. On Groove Cruise, they encourage DJ’s to interact with the crowd. I am already interactive like that, so for me, it’s second nature. There are other artists that are more shy. When they open up on Groove Cruise, it is fun to see how it develops. I love watching them walk around and open up to the people on board.

Is it exciting every time to walk on the ship?

Kristina Sky: It’s always a good time and you know you can count on that. Always crazy, but it’s always different.  There’s always all these characters you get to see. It’s never the same scenery.

You have a strong, ever growing fan base. What’s it like to see all this support for you and your music?

Kristina Sky: It’s very family style. First time I played, I didn’t know anybody. There were fans on board, but that was it. My fan base grew on board. I love them, what can I say? I’m really really lucky to have some very supportive people that listen to my sets and come out to see me play.

How do you plan your tracks for any upcoming set you are about to play at an event?

Kristina Sky: I have multiple thoughts: What time is my set? Where is my set? Am I playing with anybody? Am I playing on my own? I started out as a warm up DJ so I developed that skill. I started out playing trance and then went into more progressive stuff. As I became more well-known, I started doing headlining sets and then I knew how to do both. For me it’s about the environment. I don’t know quite how to explain it, but especially with Groove Cruise, I know what I want to play in theater versus what I want to play on the pool deck. After you’ve done it a bunch of times, you just know.

What do you have in store for us this weekend?

Kristina Sky: We started it last night, at the pre-party. I was playing along with Grum from Anjunabeats; I played more progressive trancey stuff. On Sunday I’m playing with Ferry [Corsten] and Grum again, and a couple of the Anjuna guys. At that time, I’ll probably play warmer progressive house because people will be coming back from the cliff top experience [in Ensenada, Mexico]. Then, I’ll probably move to a more progressive trance, but I am the first DJ on that lineup. I’m not going to be banging it out. Later that night, I’ll play another set where I’ll play whatever I want and who knows what that will be. [Note TFSF: We saw that set in the casino and wow! It was so packed you couldn’t even walk through! The energy was unreal!]

Was being a DJ your dream?

Kristina Sky: No! I had no dream to do this WHAT SO EVER! This is crazy because now it is a lot of peoples’ dream. In fact, when I started, in the early 2000’s it wasn’t a cool thing to do per say; there was no money or fame in it. You only did it if you really loved the music and that was it. It’s interesting now how it is.

Do you think it is difficult being a woman in the industry?

Kristina Sky: It is a boys club, not really their fault. Women aren’t necessarily interested in this lifestyle. It is a very difficult lifestyle, the traveling and being alone. Women were wired to nest and do girly things. It’s easier for men to make lifelong commitment to that career because they don’t have those same things. It’s very tough but there are more girls doing it which is cool. We need a lot more. Just because it’s tough, it’s not impossible. You have to love what you’re doing and then it’s worth it. I hate flying! I’m like Eric Prydz; I’m TERRIFIED but knowing you’re going to get there, have this connection with people, and you’re going to share this love for music, I just think, “Just get on the plane, you’re going to be fine. HOPEFULLY you get there.”

I heard something about misplaced luggage?

Kristina Sky: I didn’t misplace it, it was lost, but they found it and that is all that matters. I’m here and now that it’s been found, I won’t have to wear the same thing all weekend. Pro tip for first time DJ’s on Groove Cruise, DO NOT put your DJ stuff in your checked luggage. Even though they did lose my luggage, I wouldn’t have had clothes but I had all my music.

How would you describe GC fans?

Kristina Sky: Fans on Groove Cruise are pretty respectful. They don’t usually approach DJ’s when it seems like a weird time. DJs are really nice to the fans. I don’t know. Everybody is in such good spirits on board. Everybody leaves their (laughs) bullsh*t on shore. Coming in, they completely let loose. Then, you go home with a bunch of new friends.

Any words for a first time Groove Cruiser?

Kristina Sky: Welcome! It won’t be your last Groove Cruise I promise you that! Once you’re in, you’re IN! “GC fam” sounds cheesy to outsiders, but once you go, then you understand it.

I heard about some epic after parties, staying up til 10am, champagne and pizza with your fans? Where is my invite?!

Kristina Sky: So they [the fans] told you about that? (laughs) Yea, I am somewhat notorious for going to after parties and eating all their pizza, maybe playing a few tunes. In a basement, in Minneapolis, we were up till 10 am. As long as the show is over and I don’t have a flight out in the next two hours, if there’s champagne and pizza, it’s not too hard to convince me.

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Favorite Pizza Topping?

Kristina Sky: I am going to super disappoint everyone. I am super basic as f*ck, pepperoni, extra cheese, that’s it! I’ll never get mad at that and French fries. I’m really happy on this ship because there’s pizza and fries. (laughs) Just add champagne and we’re good!

What is something you are grateful for?

Kristina Sky: Something that I’m grateful for? I am grateful for a lot. I’m just grateful to be able to do this for a job. It’s kind of ridiculous when I think about it. We talked about this at the beginning. This was never my plan. It’s interesting how it turned out. I was a promoter first; I wanted to make the experiences happen for people. I enjoyed that aspect, I never anticipated getting into DJing, let alone it becoming this. I’m grateful that since 2002, I’ve been able to do this. Really became a job in 2005 slow and steady.

What would you like to the San Francisco fans?

Kristina Sky: I hope to be in San Francisco again soon. I didn’t know that the last time I played for Ruby Skye would be the last time [at Ruby Skye]. Then, I played for So Stoked at DNA Lounge on Pride weekend. It was Awesome! I really really hope to be back out there soon. Just make some noise!

Kristina Sky SLAYED at both of Insomniac’s EDC Orlando & Dreamstate So Cal. Check out her live set links below:



– Diana Borja, Writer, TranceFamily SF/ Neon Owl


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