Trance/ Progressive House
Justin D.
San Francisco, CA
– Music Enthusiast –
Born in east Texas in the early 1980’s, dancing, music, and imagination have always been a part of Mitka. Driven to live an extraordinary life and leave a positive impression through music, Mitka (aka Justin Duke) took a jump to San Francisco, California in 2007 to pursue his dream. “I knew I had to go somewhere to grow as a producer, to get a shot in the dance music industry, and San Francisco seemed like the ideal place.” Coming from a small urban town to San Francisco has been the best thing for the artist as the Bay Area is home to many of the world’s top producers and DJs on the dance music roster. Mitka’s ultimate goal is to connect people through music and give back in a way that inspires others to make a difference. “Dance music hits me on so many levels, I may never be able to explain it, but if I can give the world a small portion as to what music has done for me, I will have been successful.” In addition to Mitka’s production, his love for DJing can be traced back to 2005 all the way to present day San Francisco with appearances at various venues such as Kelly’s Mission Rock and the legendary Ruby Skye Club. As of 2010 Mitka will be collaborating with local talent, releasing original material, and booking DJ gigs. “I’m really looking forward to the future, the electronic music community as a whole is going to make some big things happen, and It’s amazing to be a part of that.”
Current Location
San Francisco, CA
Artists We Also Like
Open to anything that sounds good.
Everything that I’ve ever listened to and liked.
Band Interests
Huge professional tennis fan!
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