Interview with Tritonal


On the evening of August 1, 2013 before Tritonal hit the Ruby Skye stage as part of their “Metamorphic
Tour” that spans over 50 cities across the US and Canada, the duo of Chad & Dave took the time to sit
down with me in the lobby of their hotel and talk about their album, their tour, their label, their take
on their musical direction, and at the same time crack some jokes about fitness and Jersey Shore. It’s
always a pleasure chatting with these two American musical phenoms. Conversations like this and their
take on music and the industry as a whole show why they’re a powerhouse in Electronic Dance Music
that is here to stay. Check it out for yourselves.


Mark (TFSF): How how’s it going everybody this is Mark from TranceFamily SF, I’m here sitting with
Chad and Dave from Tritonal. What’s up guys?

Chad & Dave (Tritonal): Hey what’s up everybody?

M: Good to see you guys again it’s been a while since you’ve been to San Francisco.

C: It has been a little bit… 3 or 4 months I think. Not too long (laughs).

D: I think we were just here (laughs).

M: So you guys are on a new tour, the Metamorphic Tour?

D: It’s been going great so far!

C: It’s massive. By far Tritonal’s biggest tour to date. We did the ARC tour with Super8 & Tab last year and that was a good one. I think that was our first like real tour, but this one is on another level. It’s over 50 cities total by the end of October and I think around 40 have already been announced. We’re hitting all sorts of new markets that we’ve never played before and obviously playing the ones that we have played before as well like tonight, so yeah it’s really looking good.

M: So this is all for the new ‘Metamorphic’ EP…

C: EP’s! (plural)

M: Oh yeah that’s right the second one is coming!

C: And then the third after that!

M: What prompted this kinda new facelift? New logo, new lettering, little bit of a different style from you guys?

D: It really all starts from music to be honest. As producers and as songwriters you don’t want to write the same thing over and over and over again that’s the definition of insanity!

C: If you’re expecting different results!

D: Exactly. And for us we like to stay creative and fresh in the studio and also just as human beings we want to do new things and try new things with our sound. We want to take our listeners on a journey and especially ourselves as well. That prompted it really.

C: I think at the end of the ‘Piercing The Quiet’ club mixes run, by that sixth single, we had a great run with that album. And it started as really pretty trance. By the club mixes you could already hear it was electrified and totally clubby. But as we were playing those in our sets we were playing already alot of other progressive house tracks by Alesso and Nicky Romero and even Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge and a lot of people who we’re still playing today. We just started getting inspired by this cross pollination thing. And even as trance guys, Tritonal was never like 138 bangin’ uplifting for very long. We experimented a little in the beginning stages but we’ve always had a foot in progressive house. The real fans that go way back to the Anjunabeats days know that we were remixing guys like Jaytech and we had like even some Anjunadeep stuff and some stuff with Noel Sanger. So we’ve always kinda had a little bit of a funk flavor to us. And when we saw progressive house, which we think a lot of it is very melodic and trancey anyway; when we started seeing some of these tracks get these reactions on the floor we got really inspired by what that genre in particular was doing and we started to cultivate a little bit of a new sound.


M: How did you guys link up with Topher Jones and what prompted the unification for the tour?

C: Topher, many people don’t know, goes back to a trance artist. Me and Topher used to talk online when he was releasing stuff on Tiesto’s old label Black Hole Recordings and he used to make like “techy” tech trance. So we’ve known each other since then. He sort of took a hiatus, took a break, reinvented himself, went over to the UK, and wrote some of the records we are hearing now like “Brohammer” and “Hello Chicago” and some of these new records from him. We’ve kept in touch and it just so happens he, myself, and Dave all get along very well. We have a lot of the same habits on the road in terms of taking care of our health and none of us really drink; we like to work out. We get along really well and we’d love to see his career blossom and this is a great opportunity, him being from the US and us being from the US, for him to play a whole bunch of markets that he hasn’t played and to be able to play his records and come out on tour with us and get exposure. So it just so happened that it worked out.

M: Do you guys have any plans in the future with the label and your new extended partnership with Enhanced Recordings?

D: Absolutely. We’re already evolving as a whole team. We’ve learned a lot together and Will Holland has been the absolute amazing leader of the label and always will continue to be, but we’re just hoping to take that label to a different ground; especially here in the US. Really just do nothing but great things.

C: We’ve got a lot of big plans in the works including a full time employee that will be working out of our management’s office in New York City. Somebody that’s going to be working nonstop on branded Enhanced tours. We’re launching the first Enhanced night headlined by Tritonal in Ministry of Sound in London really soon so that’s really cool. And we’re going to have an Enhanced tour next year it looks like here in the US so there’s a lot of cool things. Obviously we’re co-owners of the label now and we’ve taken over Enhanced Sessions every Monday, but in terms of being partners with Will like Dave was saying there’s a lot of things that we want to do that we feel like Enhanced has the potential to do that haven’t been done yet.

M: What’s in store for the rest of the tour and anything you want to accomplish for the rest of the year?

C: Music!

D: Yeah!

C: If you noticed for ‘Piercing The Quiet’ Club Mixes it was like “bam, bam, bam, bam!” we had a track coming out every four weeks. We’ve got new management now, we took a hard look at what we had done and we took a hard look at where we wanted to go, and we decided on the new aesthetic and we decided on the new logo and we decided on the new sound and we decided to take a break from releasing a track every 4 weeks and let the first EP rest. ‘Metamorphic 1 EP’ is a big piece of music and it’s not all dance. “Bullet That Saved Me” is a dance record but “Bring Me Home” and “Deep Into Black” range from orchestral chill out to progressive M-83 anthemic rock. And the reason we did that is to say “you think you know who Tritonal is but we can do all sorts of stuff and you can’t put us in a box so don’t even try because we’re going to always try to defy that”. I don’t want a label. I want people to know that Dave & I are creative. We love chill out, we love rock, we love some rap; we listen to all sorts of stuff on the plane. So to think we that we’re going to make techy trance tracks every 4 weeks is just absurd. So we wanted to put out a piece of music that spoke to that and then let that breathe, and now we’re ready to come with the next two EP’s and we’re super, super excited about the records. We’ve worked so, so hard on these records to make sure that the top lines are right, make sure that the melodies are right, make sure that they’re working on the dance floor and those are all things that take time to do properly. We’ve written a whole bunch of records that you’ll never hear and that just didn’t work and it takes going through some of those tracks that just don’t ever make it to get to the ones that do. So we’ve been WRITING. I feel like we’ve written just as much music probably as we did when we wrote the album; we’re just not releasing that many songs.

D: There’s so much that we’re doing it’s ridiculous. How many ideas and concepts that we have on laptops and stuff to take back to the studio as well. All that combined; we have libraries of stuff. (laughs from both)

M: Glad to hear you guys have been hard at work. You guys deserve every bit of success coming your way.

C: Thanks man, we appreciate that.

M: Congratulations on the tour and everything else! So last question I had personally. I know you guys like to hit the gym before making a show happen. What is a typical Tritonal workout?

C: I did one today, and with Dave sometimes we do workout the same but sometimes we have different ones…

D: Right now I haven’t; I’m not feeling top notch.

C: (both laugh) He has been working out though! I do what’s called Body Rock. It’s basically Plyometric circuits. So there’s stuff like burpees, planks, crunches, squats, lunches, and a bunch of things that work the core. We don’t have time to be body builders or sculpted models. Literally we want to be healthy so that we feel good and so that we fit in our clothes. Beyond that, I’m not trying to take off my shirt Jersey Shore style (laughs). I literally want to feel good and be healthy and that’s why we do what we do.

M: Thanks so much guys! Thanks for your time!

C & D: Thanks for taking it!


Very special thanks go out to Erin from TheoryX and all of our friends at Torq for making this interview and the meet & greet for the show possible. Tritonal’s newest EP ‘Metamorphic 1’ can be purchased on Beatport here:

~ Mark (@MarkMenji)

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