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Our Director of Editorial Mark Menjivar recently spoke with Super8 & Tab about their upcoming US tour, New Music and Upcoming artists:

MM: Hello guys! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us and visiting San Francisco as part of your new North American “The Way You Want Tour”!
S8&T: We are super excited to make another stop in San Francisco, as it’s one of those cities that has a very unique vibe!

MM: What inspired the name of the most recent single & tour “The Way You Want”?
S8&T: We named the track after the vocal sample we used as a hook in the song and the tour was named after the track. We play quite a lot our own stuff during our shows, which is the way the fans want, right? 🙂

MM: What made you want to tour North America exclusively for these most recent shows?
S8&T: We divided the tour to 3 different phases and we are trying to cover most of our favourite cities but also play some new clubs where we haven’t been before, like District 30 in Sacramento, Marquee in Calgary or Stereo Live in Houston. In Phase 3 we have stops in Albuquerque, Salt Lake City and on NYE, we return to Soundgarden Hall in Philadelphia.

MM: With this tour and the previous ARC tour heavily targeting the USA, is there anything in particular about the American fans that separate us from the rest of world and keep you coming back?
S8&T: We are constantly touring all around the globe and have seen a lot of different clubs, scenes and people. In recent years, the North American scene started to grow really fast and events started to be massive. The same has happened all over the world but it’s easy to say the US has one of the biggest scenes at the moment in dance music and there seems to be no end to it. US audience like entertainment and you guys to do it really well. Take a look all the super clubs in Vegas or massive festivals like EDC, TomorrowWorld, Electric Zoo or the legendary Burning Man–they all are perfectly organised and the production is world class!

MM: Back to your single “The Way You Want”, it’s remarkable that you have kept a refreshing sound without losing your trademark style. Is there something specifically that you look for in a finalized track before feeling it is ready for release?
S8&T: We want to stay faithful to our roots but still bring in today’s production in sounds and tricks – that’s the way we want it to sound like! 🙂 Like in this tour and every show, we always test our new stuff in clubs and then head back to studio to make some final tweaks. So expect to hear some fresh stuff from our studio in our set!

MM: How would you describe the Super8 & Tab signature sound?
S8&T: We always think about how it should sound in the clubs and it’s all about melodies, big buildups, hands in the air moments and a mixture of trance, progressive house and techno.

MM: Included with the single is a great remix by D-Mad. You’ve had the chance to work and tour with some of trance music’s greats. Any acts in particular that inspire you?
S8&T: Recently, Mat Zo and Andrew Bayer’s stuff has been in our playlists and sets quite a lot. It’s great how they have re-thought how modern trance should sound and have found new ways to make trance sound interesting and fresh! But there are also many more new and old talents making great new music these days like Arty, Above & Beyond, ilan Bluestone, Toby Hedges or Jerome Isma-ae to name but a few!

MM: What about up and coming artists to look for? Are there any secret weapons in the Finland dance scene that we have yet to hear about?
S8&T: Well you already know Tom Fall, Orkidea, Darude, Proteus, Joonas Hahmo etc. so maybe you should check out DJ Orion, Heavyweight, Heikki L, Alex Kunnari, Turismo, Something Good, Antti Rasi, Nico Geselle, Afecto DJ’s, Lovetone. I think that’s is a good start, come back to us when you need some more as there are plenty to name. The Finnish dance scene is healthier than ever before! 🙂

MM: Do you feel that the dance scene in Finland has grown since when you first began producing?
S8&T: We are definitely having a second or third wave in dance music here in Finland and it’s bigger and better than ever before! We have northern Europe’s biggest dance music festivals like Summer Sound, Weekend, Flow. People are traveling all over the Europe to these events and they all are sold out weeks before! During March there is a two day event in the Scandinavian biggest indoor waterpark with 3000+ attends and few years a go there was a party in a huge snow castle in Lapland too – so if you ever have a change to visit Finland we really recommend that you check out one of these events!

MM: You guys have certainly become a recognized name worldwide and rightfully so! Are there any parts of the world you have yet to tour that you hope to in the future?
S8&T: We haven’t been to South Africa yet! It’s been close as we got stuck at the London Heathrow airport when we should have been playing A State of Trance event in Cape Town couple years ago! So we would love to go there as we have heard so many good stories about the scene over there!

MM: What is in store for Super8 & Tab in 2014?
S8&T: A lot! We have more tours planed and it’s no secret that we have been working on an album for some time now and we are looking to get it out during 2014. We have been collaborating with different artists and more recently with BT. He flew over to Helsinki to work with us and we had a full 18 hours studio session! He’s amazing and the track sounds so great we cannot wait to get it out!!! You might hear us playing in Ruby Skye on Friday!

MM: Looking forward to the show at Ruby Skye this coming Friday! Is there anything you wish to say to your San Francisco fans before then?
S8&T: We are super excited to return to San Francisco and test out new stuff. Hope to see many of you on the dance floor!

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