Interview with Super8 & Tab

On the San Francisco stop of the Anjunabeats Code Red Tour featuring Super8 & Tab and Jaytech, Tosh Giles sat down with Miika (Super8) and Janne (Tab) to catch up on what they have going on.

TG: You have been on  tour with Jaytech for three weeks now, traveling across the United States. What do you think of the growth of the EDM scene here over the past few years?

J: It’s been growing and growing! It’s crazy how big it is at the moment. Is there any stopping it? You know, all the festivals are bigger than ever before, and if you listen to radio stations, they are playing more and more dance music. I don’t think that is going to change or even slow down for the next couple of years.

M: We’ve been touring here for quite a while now. It seems that every time we come to the same place again, there is more and more people attending our shows. Is that because we are touring here a lot or is it that trance is getting bigger? Probably both, but it seems that it’s getting better every time we come here.

1800201_10152240667499438_1991373156_nTG: So you are touring with Jaytech, plus he just remixed your track with Julie Thompson – Your Secret’s Safe. Did that remix happen as part of the planning for this tour?

M: Jaytech actually remixed a track from our previous album and we like his stuff so we asked him to remix another track for us. Also, for this tour, we actually did a collaboration with Jaytech, and it’s called Code Red! It’s kinda a secret still.

J: We haven’t released it yet but this tour has been a huge way to promote the track.

M: Ya, so people will be like, “Oh they are doing the Code Red Tour.” But then a couple of months later, there will be a new track called Code Red… The original plan was actually to get the track out before the tour but, because we were both so busy, we couldn’t finish the track in time. It is always really good to collaborate with Jaytech. It’s very easy to work with him and comes together well every time.

TG: You just released your track, The Way You Want, which was an amazing trance hit. However, why was the song not called “Discoschlampe”, and what does that vocal sample have to do with the track?

J: Discoschlampe! This is the first time someone has asked this! We’ve been waiting for this question.

M: Ya, you really are the first to ask. Ok, so we always look for vocal samples that people can remember, something thatIMG_6702 sticks in their mind. We found this sample and it just fit the track like it was meant to be. So, we were like, what does this term mean? Well, it’s German and it means ‘disco bitch,’ so we were like, maybe we shouldn’t call it that. Anyway, there is this other vocal sample in there that says ‘The way you want,’ so we named it that.

J: We were going through the samples and as soon as we heard it, we just knew we had to use that sample.

TG: Every time I hear ‘Discoschlampe’ in the beginning of the track, it catches me attention. Why is the beginning and end of the track so different from the rest of the song?

J: That’s what we were hoping to do. It sorta tells our story and says that we want to bring sounds from different genres and mix them into our style, but just a little bit.

TG: On that topic, Anjunabeats’ sound has been evolving and changing but you have stayed true to your style. While you’re growing a lot, your recent tracks have shown that you still have that amazing, melodic element as the driving force behind your sound. So where do you see you sound fitting with Anjunabeats as most other producers on that label continue to shift in new directions?

M: The melodic part has always been and will continue to be a key part of our music. That will stay at the core of our music. We start with the melody, and then we build a track around it and add modern techniques to it. We’ve made chill out tracks, but sounds like dubstep will never be our thing.

J: We want to make tracks that are fun to party with. If you play them in a club, you get a picture of how they really sound and how they change the mood. We have taken influences from other genres but we made them fit our sound.

M: On our album, there just might be eight bars of dubstep, haha.

TG: Do you have a follow up to your debut album coming soon?

M: We do. We’ve been straight forward and telling everyone that yes, we are working on an album, so we’ve been saying yes for many years now. However, at the moment, we are finally really close to finishing it. We sent a couple of tracks to the label already and there are only small tweaks to be made now.1959491_10152240667899438_335868459_n

TG: With your new album, but also with past tracks, when do you know that you have a smash hit on your hands, like with Irifushi or Elektra, and what is it like to watch it take off?

M: For me, it’s always really nerve racking to play it out once it’s ready and to see if it really works. Usually, by that point, we have been working with the tracks for so long that we really hate them. Then it takes a few weeks before I start to hear the track played between other tracks and begin to realize that it might be a good track. You still can’t tell if it’s going to go really crazy like Elektra did. At Global Gathering in London, seven DJs played it; Armin Van Buuren, Sander van Doorn, Above & Beyond, John O’Callghan, etc. Everybody played Elektra… And after you hear that happen, then you’re like, ‘Ok, it’s probably a good track.’

J: Of course, we are always excited to play our new stuff. On this tour, we have been testing new tracks from our album. We are very lucky that we have the opportunity to go to clubs and play these track so that we can get the track back to the studio and make some tweaks, then play it on the next gig as well. Like Miika was saying, you don’t know if it’s going to work or not. You know, we make these tracks from our heart. You don’t know if it’s going to be big or if it’s going to work or not. We just make it how we want it to sound… We make something that we love.

TG: You officially joined forces to become Super8 & Tab in 2005.

M: Ya, 2005 was the first release from us. So next year will be ten years of Super8 & Tab. Hopefully we get the new album finished this year because we need to release ‘Ten Years of Super8 & Tab.’ I am really excited to remix and update some of our own tracks!

TG: There used to be DJ Tab, Aalto (Miika with Paavo Siljamäki of Above & Beyond), and Super8… Have either of you considered doing any solo work?

M: After we collaborated on Helsinki Scorchin’, we agreed that there was no point in working solo anymore and that we should put all of our energy into Super8 & Tab. We would love to have more Aalto tracks, but we are so busy with this project and Paavo is a little bit busy with his band.

J: Maybe you’ve heard of them, they are called Above & Beyond, haha.

TG: Bonus Question: If there was a Hollywood movie made about Super8 & Tab, which actors would play your roles?

J: I don’t know who would fit my character. You tell me!

M: I have an idea in my mind… It would be like Dumb & Dumber. Jeff Daniels would play Janne and have hair like in Dumb & Dumber.

J: But I don’t have that kind of long hair anymore.

M: Yes, but I can’t get that hair out of my mind.

J: When Miika had very short hair, DJ Mag called us “Hairy & Scary,” so that’s where it comes from.

TG: Well thank you for sitting with me for a few minutes and for bringing great trance to San Francisco.

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