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Recently Tosh Giles spoke with LANGE about his new album, the direction of trance music and his thoughts on upcoming artists

TG: Your new album, ‘We Are Lucky People’, has just been released. What can we expect to hear?
LANGE: It’s been a year in the making and as well as some new tracks, there are many of the original club versions that have been released as singles to date included on Disc 2. For the album on Disc 1, I’ve given all the tracks a new twist! For example ‘Risk Worth Taking’ with Susana has become an acoustic version with Guitar & Piano; ‘Crossroads’ with Stine Grove is a more ethereal version with tribal beats; ‘Violin’s Revenge’ with Ilseviolin gets a Piano riff twist, making it lighter than the ‘Dark Mix’ etc. I wanted this to be something people can listen to from start to finish so Disc 1 flows continuously with each track transitioning into the next and also includes some extra soundtrack-style sections. 1459795_10151507849372537_1292684466_n

TG: You have been known to work with vocalists that help push your tracks from amazing to legendary. Do you have a specific vocal track on this album that you’re most excited about?
LANGE: The album features vocals from Susana, Cate Kanell, Stine Grove, Shannon Hurley, Betsie Larkin, and Hysteria! To be honest, all the songs are favourites of mine. I can’t pick just one favourite. I’ll leave that to the listeners!

TG: Your sound has always been perfect for playing anywhere, from the club to an intimate sunset party on beach. The album is divided into two discs and seems to place a focus on this. What was your inspiration for providing light/acoustic/piano mixes of each track on disc one?
LANGE: I’m a big fan of more soundtrack-style music and I wanted to bring more of this into this album. This year has seen a return to the more melodic side of trance for me and an album always gives you the opportunity to push the boundaries of what you’re doing. Club mixes can be particularly restrictive and it was great to be able to develop some sections of the tracks for those more ethereal moments on Disc 1 of the album. Also for this project I had the idea to share the music as I was making it, so much of the club mixes had already been heard. This was a way to revitalize some of the music and give it a fresh touch. It was an experiment to do it this way and I’m glad I did judging by the reactions so far 🙂

TG: You seem to have placed a heavy emphasis on groovy bass lines in a few of the upcoming tracks, like the iconic ‘Destination Anywhere’. Can we expect more of this?
LANGE: I’m inspired by both melody and groove and try to pair up both where I can in my productions. It’s always my aim to make people dance both physically and mentally! So yes, expect more groove from me in the future.

TG: Trance has experienced a rapid growth spurt and with that, a few growing pains. However, you have developed your style over the past few years. Would you say that you have reinvented your sound in any major way for this album?
LANGE: There was a definite shift in my sound around autumn of last year when I wrote the title track ‘We Are Lucky People’. It hadn’t been my best year productivity-wise in the studio and it was after writing that track that I felt a surge of inspiration to write album no. 3. From there I knew what direction I wanted to head in with the project. I’m not sure it’s a total reinvention of my sound, just an evolution I suppose. Although it was a struggle to find time in the studio due to touring, my Intercity radio show going weekly, and doing the Trance Nation compilation for Ministry Of Sound, I have to say I found this album the easiest to write, never being short of inspiration.

TG: There has been a refreshed interest in 138 bpm trance. What do you think of this movement and its focus?
LANGE: I don’t make 138 stuff these days. I find lower BPMs give you more space to put some groove in there but nothing against some 138 action! I’m all for more Trance of all kinds.

TG: Between Lange Recordings and Intercity Podcast, you are connected to some of the very best in the electronic music industry. Who would you say the upcoming talent is that most excites you?
LANGE: Producer-wise, Tomas Heredia, Stephen Kirkwood, Johnny Yono and Alex Larichev all spring to mind. Also, by no means a newcomer, I see big things brewing for Chris Schweizer – his production skills are exceptional.

TG: With 2013 coming to a close, what was the highlight of your year?
LANGE: There’s been quite a few! Obviously this year has been very much about ‘We Are Lucky People’ and I have to say no. 1 highlight for me has been its release. I’m very proud of the end result and in some respects, it turned out better than I expected with regard to the way it flows. I’ve also been blown away by the response from everyone and I really appreciate that. On the event’s front, there have also been some amazing highlights including Tomorrowland & South West Four festivals, and POPNYE in Oakland which was
the perfect way to see in the new year!

TG: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. We look forward to having you in San Francisco soon.
LANGE: My pleasure, thanks for all your support and hope to see you soon!

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