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I’ve done 6, maybe 7, I lost count to be honest, sailings with Groove Cruise (West and East Coast).  Which is better? Both are amazing for their own reasons. Not every sailing has been smooth, but really it is what you make out of it.

Photo: Groove Cruise, Corey Melton

2018 was an epic for Groove Cruise, celebrating its 30th and 15th anniversaries, West & East Coast! 2019 Miami on the beautiful Celebrity Infinity was amazing because one of my favorite artists of all time, Kaskade, was headlining. Three hours with my Kaskade Konnect fam on the beaches of Cozumel, Mexico. I still feel like it was yesterday!

Photo: Groove Cruise, Adam Hahn 

There were SO many beautiful moments on the ship, from the engagement of GC fam’s own Keith Christopher and Disko Jenny (Diskopretty), Markus Schulz’s theatre set and Coldharbour stage, another mind blowing marathon set from Anthony Attalla, silent disco going off every single night with Random Nights, deep house yoga evening edition, a massive Twister game, and new discoveries, like The MDH Projekt, I could go on and on. I have to highlight while I enjoyed the pizza and ice cream, one of my fav dining experiences was at Qsine, where you got to watch an animation on your place of how your meal was being made! The food was phenomenal and so entertaining. I would absolutely do it again!

While I could go on and on as to why this was so amazing,  I want to change the pace and focus on something that needs more awareness, Whet Foundation. What is it? It is a nonprofit started by Jason Beukema, Owner of Whet Travel. He was tired of not seeing the money donated go directly to the charities of his choice.  The Whet Foundation helps underprivileged children around the world in various ways.

Photo of the Volunteers from Groove Cruise Miami ’19, Credit: Eric Scire

One way, which we do every single sailing is to stop at a local orphanages to bring supplies, and hang out with the kids.   These trips are amazing and heartbreaking at the same time! We get to bring joy to the orphanage, whether it is through donations, or our time, and the kids give nothing but genuine laughter back to us. When it ends it is heartbreaking because I know all of us who have been there wish we could do even more for the kids!

Photo: Eric Scire

This past sailing we stopped at an orphanage, Ciudad de Angeles, in Cozumel, Mexico before we made our way to party with Kaskade. The orphanage is run by a couple who has started up many orphanages around the world. We came in tow with school supplies and clothes for the 35 kids that live full time there. Groove Cruise will be purchasing kitchen supplies for the orphanage as well. The children were age 3 – 21. What I found amazing was that they are putting these kids through private school so that they will be armed with the tools they need to succeed in an environment that was not in their favor.

Photo: Ciudad de Angeles, Eric Scire

I think the orphanage was not ready for us because we (the 10 of us) came running at the kids full force with open arms. Honestly, I think the reason we got along with the kids so well is because we are all kids at heart. It was a gentle reminder to us that there is more to life than our own problems, and that when we think our lives are so awful, there is always someone who needs the help a little more.  

Photo: Eric Scire

Kevin Dan, one of the attendees on his 2nd GC experience said, “Participating in Whet Foundation allowed me to have one of the most meaningful experiences in my young life. Being able to spend time at the orphanage, I hope we were able to make a positive impact on their lives as much as they did for me.  I grew up in a humble upbringing but my family was fortunate enough to receive help when we needed it the most. I try to pay-it-forward when I can and Whet Foundation is a great way to do that.”

Photo of: Kevin Dan, from Trance Family SF/Neon Owl


So here’s the question I always get after we announce we did this trip:

  • Well how come I didn’t know about it?!   I’m telling you now, so now you don’t have excuses for future trips.
  • Can I still donate? Absolutely and here is how!
    1. Are you an Amazon shopper? Amazon Smile for Whet Foundation It doesn’t cost you anything additional, and .5% of eligible prices are donated! Just make sure you choose Whet Foundation as the recipient.
    2. Direct Donations Donate DIRECTLY to Whet Foundation Tax deductible!
    3. Physical Donations : They are accepted EVERY sailing, just drop them off with Captain Support crew. We accept school supplies and clothes!
    4. Buy charity merch! Neon Owl & Trance Family SF have collaborated with Groove Cruise and proceeds go to Whet Foundation. Merch (Tshirts, tank tops etc) avail both HERE and on ship.  Bracelets can be bought by emailing for more info.
                        Photo: Derek Braun
    5. VOLUNTEER I know it’s a lot, all the partying and fun, but no matter what I drag myself out of bed from my disco nap to make this happen.  The donations are great, but really the kids need this interaction. If you are interested in joining us on our next adventure send an email to and we will make sure you are in touch for our next visit!!!

Finally, a special THANK YOU to EVERYONE, Lavelle Dupree, and the GC attendees, who tired and all, still managed to get up and join us!

Photo: Kim, Lavelle Dupree and our new friend. Credit: Eric Scire

More info:, all socials: TranceFamilySF, all socials: NeonOwlCo

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