John Beaver on board Groove Cruise

Living in the Bay, I’ve always been a fan of John Beaver and his energetic sets. This is a guy that gives it his all, no matter what time slot he’s in and you can tell her genuinely loves what he does and loves bringing joy to the faces of those listening to him. I honestly don’t think that he stops smiling during his sets. I’ve wanted to interview him for a while and we finally got the chance to on Groove Cruise LA. It was myself and Johan (Half of Beauz) that got to chat with him for TFSF and Neon Owl. This Groove Cruise was his 2nd appearance, and I can see him on his way to becoming a staple part of the family. Just sitting down with him for that short time, you can see that no matter what is going on in his life, he makes sure to only use the positive energy, not only in his sets, but also in his life.

Beavers on board Groove Cruise

John Beaver opening up Groove Cruise LA
Photo: Corey Melton Photography

You got to play the “Welcome” set for Groove Cruise LA, how was it?

“I got to play my Johnny Deep style. I’m kind of known for in your face, big room, trance, is kinda my favorite thing you know, but when you’re on the Groove Cruise, it’s about being deeper, the crowd is older, more mature. They like more groovy, dirty, deeper sounds. I’m able to explore a different style of music and it’s really cool actually.  It’s still got LOTS of energy, it will still make people dance, move and have fun, but it’s a little bit different.”

People might be wondering about your outfit, is that your dj gear… or… (Note: He was in a zookeeper outfit with a sloth stuffed animal)

“We walk in and it’s the “Identity” theme, and basically I am a zookeeper by day, that’s my secret job I guess that I do, I work with wild animals. I love animals and I work at the Happy Hollow Zoo in San Jose. Here’s the little buddy SLOTHHHHH (shows stuffed animal to us). Believe it or not, I have never met a sloth! It’s my dream to meet a sloth in real life.  I’ve never met one, but I went to Costa Rica with my girlfriend, and we were looking for sloths, but never found them.  So we just had to take home this stuffed animal. “Wild at Heart” is my theme, my motto. Enjoy every moment, live life to the fullest, be wild!”

Photo: Corey Melton Photography

Let’s talk a little bit more about your music, for those that aren’t familiar with your sound. You get to play what you want here on GC, but let’s talk about your more traditional sound. We have here half of Beauz (Johan)..tell us about the relationship, how did it start…

“WOOO! My production partner!  ..It was crazy, he was just so open and friendly to me from the very first moment I met him. It was a Skills party that we were going to. We were meeting up and I had listened to their Soundcloud and they have this unique future sound that I was really digging at the time. I was like, “God, these guys are so intricate, the sound design behind it, it was quality”. Now a days there’s A LOT of producers, and a lot of stuff just kinda thrown together and put out there, and there was this sound and quality I heard from them, but above that all, when I met him as a person, he was a genuinely good human being. Beyond that it wasn’t like oh I’m here for the money, the women… he actually loved music, and wanted to perform, which is what I’m all about. The wild at heart, back again… we just connected and said hey, let’s meet up make a song. Within the first day, we made this song called “New Age”, and it was an ultimate anthem. I told him my ideas, they were able to put it on paper. It’s not about ghost producers where it’s like just make a song for me, we were both one half of being a part of it. He knew how to use the programs, I had these crazy ideas and they were able to incorporate it all together and it was just this beautiful relationship from the start and it worked really well from start to finish.”

You guys have done more than just this one track right?

“Yea, I think we have 5 or 6 currently, but all different genres too because we’re expected to play all different sounds. But it still all has this energy and this love of music that you can just feel it. I know people do because they will come up to me and say “Wow that was so amazing, I really felt that, Thank you.” There’s a feeling, like trance, and I want people to feel my music anytime I play it. “

I think they do, you’ve had a pretty incredible journey. You’ve been through cancer and beating it. All your fans have been there to support you 100%, what’s it like to have this love and support?

John Beaver: “That is the most passionate, crazy thing that has ever happened to me in my life. It’s like when your life is taken away from you and you realize that you have nothing left. But then all these people are surrounding you and building you up. I honestly thought I was going to die, but there were so many people around me that were like, “You’re gonna make it. We love you.” The love and support that I got from everyone around me.. Now that I’ve got to experience that, I want to show that we can all do that for each other. Now that I’ve survived, can we do this for other people? Can we help other people that are struggling, are fighting , having hard times in their life ? That has become my life goal, after I’ve gone through all this..Let’s help each other. “

Johan (Beauz): “ I remember John Beaver meeting him, I had no idea where I would be as an artist. The reason why we help other artists and work with other artists, is because John Beaver opened up our minds to that. It’s a community and it’s the love that you want to share. There’s a lot of negative things that happen, but you look at yourself, and push on.”

John Beaver: “It’s deeper than just the music itself. What are you going to make of the negative things to inspire other people. Negative things happen to all of us. How are you going to turn it from, “Dang it, that sucked, but let’s keep on going. Let’s fight and make this the best thing we possibly can.” That’s what life is about.”

We see you fighting everyday…

“My fight is not done! I’m still very very sick and people don’t know that. I’m still battling the after effects of cancer and liver damage at the same time. What are you going to do? Sit there and worry about it, or go out every day and make it the best you possibly can. One day we may look back on this and be like, “Damn that guy was the most positive inspirational guy and he inspired me when I had the hardest time of my life.” That’s what I want to be known for.”

Photo: Corey Melton Photography

Let’s talk a little bit more about your personal life. I heard that your son Dusky might be a little upset with you…  Something about taking his manhood away …

“Whoa, (laugh). My famous dog, Dusky, basically the legendary we all know and love, Dusky, one of the albums of last year, the ultimate producers, so good, in case you haven’t heard them. Just multi genre, their grooves are incredible and so I named my dog after them. Basically he had to be castrated, he was getting a little aggressive (laughs), with other dogs and other people and I want him to be loving and friendly! Take after daddy please! He was wild at heart, just like me, so last week we had to , (makes snipping sound)… He actually has calmed down believe it or not.  I didn’t think cutting those things off would cause such chaos, …. But it worked!”

“ He’s such a loving dog though. I think an animal will take after you, it’s like a son. Something that you’re raising, it takes after your personality. I’m always outgoing and happy and positive. If you ever meet him, he’s got a smile on his face every time you see him and he will give you a hug and a kiss.”

“ It’s little things like that to me, making people happy. Doesn’t matter if it is music, doesn’t matter if it’s a picture of a puppy. It’s about those little things, and thinking about what you’re doing and what you’re saying.. Instead of talking about something negative that’s happening, why not just say something positive. Think about the impact and the ripple effect, the wave, if we’re influential people and people are watching us and looking at us, why not use that for good? If we all did that, the world would be a much better place and I just don’t understand why some people are stuck on the negative thing. We can all be the change.”

What kind of cute nicknames does your other half have for you?

“OK OK… she’s a little tiny petite thing so I call her “Little Bae” and I’m “Big Bae”.  When she gets mad at me, she calls me John, which is really weird. I don’t hear my name much… so when I hear John, I know something is uh oh..  I’m in trouble.  I try my best not to make her angry, you know, happy wife, happy life. “

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

“PIZZZAAAA!!!!!  Pepperoni and lots of cheese! If you think there’s not a lot of cheese, add more.  This interview is not complete, can someone bring a pizza right here! “

When you’re done with this journey in your life, what is the legacy you want to leave behind?

“Everyone just make the best of whatever they have. Everyone comes from a different background, everyone has something different than others have…some people have more, some people have less, but whatever you have make it the best that you possibly can, and I think that will create a happy life.  You’ll make the best of whatever you have, and in the end I think that is the right mind set to have to be a better and successful person. If we are all better people I think the world would be a much better place.”

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John Beaver

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