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This will be my 6th cruise with my GC (Groove Cruise) Family this year! This edition will be sailing to Cabo October 10 – 14, 2018 from San Diego on the Norwegian Pearl. What started as a different way to celebrate my birthday has become an annual tradition, and possibly even an addiction!  It’s really hard to describe in words how Groove Cruise has changed my life! I’ve built lifelong friendships and even found some love along the way!

Photo: Groove Cruise

Here are my top reasons you should come:

1. Nonstop music
You might think you’ve survived 3 day festivals and would handle this like a champ, but trust me, it takes some skill to survive this! Any time of the day you walk out of your room you will hear all these groovy beats, see all these amazing outfits and not know which way to go. Good luck telling yourself to go to bed! If you’re lucky you may even catch your favorite artist walking around the ship.

2. Nonstop food
No more trying to plan your meals out before a festival or trying to sneak that candy bar in, you know who you are! There’s always food available on the ship whether it is the 24 hour buffets, sit down restaurants or room service. If you’re one of those people who like to go on these crazy crash diets and not eat like a normal human being, there’s always soft serve.

Photo: Groove Cruise

3. Get a little, give a little
Going on Groove Cruise, you get so much from it, from dancing nonstop to the beats, to making new lifelong friends, to celebrating the friends you have already made, to meeting the love of your life, or maybe for the moment 😉 and so much more. What a lot of people don’t know is that you can take a break for a few moments to join up with the Whet Foundation, which is the giving back to the community portion of the cruise. Every cruise, the ship stops at port for a day party, but before the party, a group of volunteers participate in a trip called “Destination Donation”.  We spend the day with kids that are in unfortunate situations just hanging out and having fun. We also bring school supplies and other necessities to the kids. Let me tell you, it is one of the most beautiful and gratifying things about the cruise, but I cannot guarantee you won’t leave the day trip without tears.

4. You can live in your rave outfits 24/7
Don’t even bother packing regular clothing. OK MAYBE for when you are on the plane traveling from wherever you are coming from…actually scratch that! Do whatever you want! Wear whatever you want! Really though, I always look forward to the day and night time dress up themes. The attendees are always 110% in and the creativity is unreal!

Photo: Groove Cruise

5. The lifelong friends you will meet
I meet people every event I go to, but let’s be honest. That person you talked to for all of 3 minutes, you would have had to have had something really stand out for you to remember them. Faces yes, names now that can be tough… You know the awkward, “HEY YOU!!!!!”, all while you are thinking, how do I know you? It isn’t anywhere close to that on Groove Cruise. You spend 72+ hours with the same people on a ship, you all of a sudden become BFFs. It’s not just a ship fam, but a worldwide fam. No matter where I travel to in the world, I somehow always have a place to stay, or people to explore with!

Talking about all this makes me wish it was October already!  See you on the ship!

Photo: Groove Cruise

For more info, head to
Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat: @GrooveCruise

Bonus: up to $200 off per room with code MISSJADE
Dates: October 10 – 14, 2018
Age: 21+
Prices: Currently $625+ per person
Phase 1 Lineup: See below! Some of the headliners named: Dash Berlin, Cosmic Gate, Kristina Sky  and some of the Cold Harbour label to be announced! There’s a little something for everyone <3
Themes: See Below


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Always look forward to reading your articles babe … I think I have go on GCCABO now ❤️

Wow, nice article. It makes me want to be there now! Answers my questions on what being a rave/party cruise is like!

Great article! Full support to trancefamily (:

Oh man this makes me want to go! Great article, thanks!

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