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I’ve been waiting for this album for as long as I knew it was coming. Giuseppe Ottaviani has been a personal favorite of mine since I first listened to “Angel” years ago. Magenta, his second artist album can simply not disappoint. Known well throughout the die hard Trancefamilies around the world for his amazing tracks and live dj sets, GO has been waiting in the wings far too long for a major breakout. With hits such as “Lost For Words” and “Earthbeat”, he’s certainly has a portfolio steadily growing of amazing music. With Magenta, this portfolio has exploded into a full repertoire.

The album starts with “Rush,” featuring the wonderful Lo-Fi Sugar, which sets the tone for the album: trance in its purest form. It immediately takes you deep into the rabbit hole with its pulsing melody and smooth vocals. Following “Rush,” comes the already much played single “Love Will Bring It All Around” with Eric Lumiere supplying the vocals, capturing that vocal trance sound that has made Giuseppe a fan favorite within the trance community in the know. If there’s one song on the album that represents his style its this one, showcasing his musical abilities perfectly alongside Eric Lumiere’s singing.

Other tracks that capture his personal style and gradual evolution are “Stars featuring Linnea Schössow” and “Illusion with Stephen Pickup.” Both of these tracks are excellent examples of where trance music as a genre is progressing to, and the way to do it. With “Cold Flame” he briefly touches that electro sound, probing the boundaries of trance music. As does “Feel The Music,” which sounds uncharacteristic of his prototypical style, yet has the feeling of a festival weapon.

“Give Me,” featuring the beautifully amazing Seri and “I Am Your Shadow” with Audio Cells & Shannon Hurley together tackle the uplifting and melodic genres incredibly. Faith returns to be featured on “Nothing Wrong,” which is quickly becoming a personal favorite and constantly on repeat track.

Another track I’d briefly like to mention is the production “Brilliant People” with Aly & Fila. All I can say is the combination of these three is something I’d like to see more of in the coming years. Amazing. It is, to say, exactly what you’d expect and hope from these three.

Finally, the last track on the album, Magenta. Just go listen to it. Now, if you can. As Giuseppe himself said, “the colour Magenta represents universal love at its highest level.” and Magenta, not just the song but the whole album, truly conveys these emotions. This is trance in its purest form.

-Will Yee

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Out May 27th from Black Hole Recordings.


01. Giuseppe Ottaviani ft. Lo-Fi Sugar – Rush
02. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Eric Lumiere – Love Will Bring It All Around
03. Giuseppe Ottaviani ft. Linnea Schössow – Stars
04. Giuseppe Ottaviani ft. Stephen Pickup – Illusion
05. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Cold Flame
06. Giuseppe Ottaviani ft. Seri – Gave Me
07. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Audio Cells feat. Shannon Hurley – I Am Your Shadow
08. Giuseppe Ottaviani ft. Faith – Nothing Wrong
09. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Feel The Music
10. Giuseppe Ottaviani ft. Alana Aldea – Heal This Empty Heart
11. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Waterpark
12. Giuseppe Ottaviani ft. Vitamin B – Waiting On Someday
13. Giuseppe Ottaviani with Aly&Fila – Brilliant People
14. Giuseppe Ottaviani ft. Audrey Gallagher – Walk This World With Me
15. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Ferry Corsten – Magenta

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