Groove Cruise Celebrates its 30th Sailing

Groove Cruise Celebrates its 30th Sailing

Why did I think Groove Cruise #6 for me would just be another trip with my GC Fam, with great music, lots of dancing and good memories? JUST ANOTHER TRIP?! Boy was I wrong. There were a lot of logistical issues on this cruise, which I’ve never seen happen to this extent on previous cruises. The fact that Whet Travel, lead by Jason Beukema and his team were still able to give us an amazing experience to remember deserves big kudos! Let’s talk about why this was the BEST Groove Cruise I have had to date!  This is in no particular order by the way…

Photo: Groove Cruise, Veranmiky


My connections with the GC Fam got deeper

As I mentioned this was #6 for me, but to be honest usually, I spend 60% of the time running around helping Neon Owl  and Trance Family San Francisco: selling charity merchandise for Whet Foundation, participating on the Whet Foundation trip, doing interviews, and getting footage. 40% is play, and it’s plenty for me! What I did spend more time doing on this ship was making sure I spent time with the friends that became my family to REALLY get to that next level with people.

Often times we are at events, and we pass by, say hi, give hugs, take pics and we go on our way. I’ve come to realize in the past year that these are the moments people will remember when we’ve all passed our time on this place. I want people to be able to look back at those moments and smile with the memories they have shared with me and others.


Photo: Groove Cruise, Veranmiky


A special shared moment with a friend battling cancer

Being on Groove Cruise is a break from reality. No one cares where you came from, what you do, or how much money you have. Everyone has the same goal in mind: dance, get weird, and dress in ridiculous costumes.

I’ve known this person for a while and found out he had been battling cancer. If you looked at him you would never know he was going through this. He is ALWAYS smiling, always happy and living life. When I saw him on the last night, we hugged to say hello and it felt like one of the longest hugs ever… why? As we were hugging on the pool deck, I heard the lyrics from Ultra Nate – “Free” start playing, “You gotta live your life, do what you want to do…”  I started singing the lyrics in his ear. I almost lost it, not going to lie, but it was a reminder that you gotta live life, no matter what is going on!

Giving back to charity, Whet Foundation trip with Kid Wiseman

Many of you may not be aware that when we stop during each cruise, there is the Whet Foundation trip where we visit an orphanage, bring school supplies to underprivileged kids, and sometimes even bring them on the ship.  This year because of logistics getting to Cabo, there were some hard efforts to try to find something last minute in Ensenada. Kid Wiseman and his team scrambled to find a local high school. We brought backpacks and school supplies and spent time getting to know the kids. Kid Wiseman showed them how to stencil a wall and we all got to graffiti a piece of the school wall. It was SUCH a fun trip, and while we missed hanging with the kids in Cabo, this was just as fulfilling a trip that warmed our hearts.

TranceFamily San Francisco teamed up with Neon Owl to bring charity merchandise on board all to benefit Whet Foundation and It was a hit and we will be back on Miami to do it all over again! If you want to participate, reach out to us we can tell you how!

Photo: Kid Wiseman


Captain Green Velvet running the ship while getting chased by aliens

If we gave out superlatives on the ship, Green Velvet would hands down win the spirit award. Often times you can pick out who is a DJ by the way they walk, dress, and who they are with. Green Velvet was pretty much incognito most of the time, if you didn’t KNOW who he was. Why? He made sure to participate in every theme possible!!  I hope to see him back because he was THE best.

Chicken strips and fries

People who know me, KNOW I love food.  The fact that I can have food whenever I want, means I will never be HANGRY. I was walking towards the pool deck to get ready for Anthony Attalla’s ridiculous 7 hour set into sunrise. How that man did not take a break is beyond me. I ran into Alex Di Stefano who had thrown down a ridiculous mind blowing trance set in the theater earlier that night. He saw me with a plate of chicken strips and fries and asked if I wanted to sit down, I said, “ABSOLUTELY not, I’m going to the dance floor let’s go!” He was in pure disbelief, but saw I was being dead serious! We walked to the pool and I danced and chowed down. Heaven!

Photo: Groove Cruise, Adam Hahn
Performer: Sailor Vee , Dancetronauts


Kristina Sky

I always make it a point to see Kristina Sky’s sets when I am on Groove Cruise. She is a staple on the ship and always much loved.  She in my opinion, had one of THE most epic trance sets in the theatre. Everything from the visuals to her song choices, transported you to a place far far away. I was all smiles during her set.

She also hosted the United We Groove Stage with talent such as Luccio, Adam Stark, Monoverse, John 00 Fleming, Paul Thomas and Factor B. If you never wandered to the back of the ship during Groove Cruise, you need to! I think part of the fun of Groove Cruise is roaming around randomly, you never know what you will find!

Factor B showing up to our interview and dj in a robe, flip flops, board shorts, Boston Red Sox hat, sunglasses, and a bottle of beer

Honestly, I can’t even say more about this, you’ll just have to check out our interview!  

Adin plays epic set to a party of 3

A lot of people had no idea about the sets going on on the back deck, but honestly it didn’t bother me at all. It was on the schedule, which by the way Whet Travel had only 3 days to redo everything once they found out Cabo was not going to happen, and STILL they were able to get us a printed schedule.  Thanks for that!!! Adin screwed with my mind in the best way possible! He was scheduled for a 2 hour set which ended up going over by another 2 hours! There was a small intimate group of about 40 or so, which then turned into 3, Adin, my other survivor, and myself. He took me on a journey, and I connected with his set more than I have with any sets I’ve heard recently and I loved it!  Hands down one of THE BEST deep house sets I have ever heard! I really hope he recorded it!


Photo: Groove Cruise, Veranmiky


Jake Ryan breaking his crown into little pieces

I didn’t actually get to see this moment as it happened on the ship but saw some of his social media story post cruise. Breaking his crown was to symbolize that we are all queens and no one is better than anyone else. I thought this was really beautiful and a great message. Everyone that comes on the ship comes from different backgrounds, places and situations. One thing we all have in common is the music. What I’ve found going on Groove Cruise is that I can always be myself and know that if for whatever reason I was going through a moment, or just enjoying life, my GC FAM would always be there for me. It’s why I love this cruise so much and it will always be a part of my life.  

I can’t believe that Miami is 2 months away!!! If you want to come be a part of this epic experience with Kaskade, Aly & Fila, Markus Schulz, Hot Since 82, MK (Mark Kinchen), Simon Patterson and many others only a small handful of rooms are left! Ask us for a discount!


Groove Cruise:

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Dates: January 10 – 14, 2019
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