Electro Techno Disco Love Review

After a long 3 years, Electric Techno Disco Love (ETD Love) made it’s return last Saturday night at the Oracle Arena and Skills Events definitely made it bigger, badder, and much more epic than any other event they’ve thrown so far! With an amazing lineup with Mark Sixma, Omnia, Marlo, Adrian Lux, Cosmic Gate, and Dash Berlin, who could possibly pass up the opportunity to relive the love?

Being inside the venue right at 7:30 was like waiting for the sun to rise; we were getting our bodies ready for something magical to happen that night. The stage was beautiful with hearts dancing along the LED screen while people slowly shuffled into the venue not knowing what to expect. Then at 8:00pm, the boom of Skill’s unforgettable tune came on and the night started off with something we weren’t expecting: an over the top production set! For those who were following TranceFamilySF and Skills Events on Facebook or Snapchat, you were some of the lucky ones who saw the calm before the storm: the return of the 180 stage. It was fascinating to have Skills bring in a spinning 360 stage, but ETD Love proved that a regular stage with a BADASS laser setup and great DJs were all we needed from them in order to have a good time; I think Insomniac might have some competition now!

Photo Taken By T Blaze Photography
Photo Taken By T Blaze Photography

With a lineup with ALL major reputations, I’d say it’s safe to say that all of them were the headliners of the show. Mark Sixma, Omnia, and Adrian Lux brought out the party and went hard, bringing out the energy from the crowd, but MaRLo, Cosmic Gate and Dash Berlin brought out the feels from the crowd making even strangers hug one another. For those of you who missed out on the show, MaRLo dropping his latest single ‘We Are The Dreamers’ featuring his trance queen, Jano, Cosmic Gate destroyed us with Eric Prydz’s ‘Opus’, and Dash Berlin threw a throwback with DJ Sammy’s ‘Heaven’. Being immersed in the crowd, you would have experienced a musical journey that took us on an adventure of feels. Everyone held one another’s hand, hugged one another, kissed one another, and for one night it felt like the trance community was one. Music definitely brought everyone together for the night!


Photo Taken By T Blaze Photography
Photo Taken By T Blaze Photography

It’s true that artists are what attracts the crowd, but it’s also about how the artists feeds off of the energy from their fans to bring out their A-game. So without those of you who attended this year’s ETD Love, it wouldn’t have been possible at all. It was truly a beautiful night with countless moments of love and friendship and we hope that there will be a possibility for next year!

Be sure to watch out for exclusive (and entertaining) interviews of MaRLo, Cosmic Gate, and Dash Berlin and the aftermovie!



Review by Stephanie Quiambao

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