Interview with Eddie Bitar

  1. What is your first memory? 11312762_1016854278325422_544700657190799053_o

I was about 4 years of age – living in Montreal, Canada. I kinda had a crush on the neighbor’s daughter. Ha ha brings back old memories… I decided to convince her to go together to the park with me – without letting our parents know. Grabbed her hand, left the building, cross the busy street and went off to the local park. Obviously when our parents found out they went crazy with worry thinking they have lost us or we’d been kidnapped or something. But then they found us hiding behind a tree, naked, showing each other our bits… I don’t really remember how we ended up getting naked but her parents were certainly not amused. But I hope they look back on it now and see the funny side – because hey we were just four year olds having a laugh!


  1. What did you want to be when growing up?

I always wanted to be a vet. I love animals. Growing up I used to rescue injured animals of all kinds, bringing them home with me, trying to find a way to heal them but obviously in the end my skills weren’t as perceptive as a trained professional so I would usually end up having to ask my parents to drive me and our new house guest to the vets.


  1. If you could go back in time to any event, what would it be?

RPC festival – Buenos Aires in 2014. I know every DJ talks about how much they love playing in Argentina and I am no different – but that gig had a profound effect on me. It changed me a little bit.


  1. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Making a career out of my main love / passion – music.


  1. Favorite place to go out and eat?

Without question “Mandaloun Sur Mer”. It’s a beautiful restaurant on the sea front in Beirut with truly exquisite food and a spectacular view of the Mediterranean sea. I can’t describe how excited I get each time I go there.


  1. What was your least favorite job?

Had a really bad part time job once working for a company who sold random products such as car air fresheners, shoe cleaner and all kinds of stuff like that. I used to be that guy who would walk up to your car when you stopped at the lights, tap on the window and try to sell you this stuff. Most people didn’t want to know but I think even though it absolutely sucked – it was probably in some way good for me because it taught me a valuable lesson that to achieve things you need to be really determined and never give up. I absolutely hated it though.


  1. What do you do to relax?

Cup of tea and a smoke or maybe a massage – or ideally all three!


  1. What is your most treasured possession?

I have a pretty extensive watch collection so I’d say my watches.


  1. Favorite holiday to celebrate?

Christmas. The only holiday of the year where I get to catch up and hang out with all my family. It’s such a special time of year and Christmas in the BItar household is a seriously big deal. Love it!


  1. Pet peeve of tour life?

Flight delays. Wasted hours sitting in airports. Life’s too short for that shit.


  1. Pre gig rituals?

Nothing in particular, maybe hang with friends or fans back stage, have a couple of beers. Nothing out of the ordinary. You see some DJs doing all kinds of shit like stretching like they are about to go to the gym or locking themselves into a room to get into “the zone” before they hit the stage. I don’t have any of that shit – I’m in the zone every fucking day when I wake up until I go to sleep.


  1. Favorite subject in school? Least favorite?

Hated school. I was expelled – more than once – but that’s a story for another time maybe. But favourite subjects were French (super hot teacher) Music, and Art. Least favourite were Maths, Chemistry and History!


  1. What’s one place you would like visit, regardless of current restrictions?

Israel. Always wanted to visit this country. I’m proud to be half Lebanese – but it’s a shame that this means I will probably never be able to visit this country. It’s clearly a beautiful country and the main global home for Psychedelic trance. I have so many friends there but I only get to hang out with them when we meet elsewhere in the world. A real shame.


  1. Favorite childhood game to play?

You remember the game Pog? I was so lucky at it that I used to wait to go to school to play and win as much pogs as possible.


  1. 4 things you have you have with you on tour?

Laptop, portable recorder, USB sticks, and my travel pillow.


  1. If you could play at any event, what would it be?

Ozora Festival. Different experience – on a completely different level.


  1. Walk us through your first experience as a clubber. How did you end up deciding to go and who was playing?

My first proper clubbing experience was in 2005 at a rave in Lebanon. I wasn’t a fan of any kind of electronic music at the time and had no idea who was DJing. I was more into Eminem, Snoop Dog etc… But my friends insisted that I join them and that’s when I got introduced to Tiesto and trance..


  1. There are so many aspects to developing as an individual and artist, where are some of the most important things in your opinion?

Work hard. Stand out. Don’t follow the crowd. Do your own thing.


  1. Describe what a day in the studio with yourself. What are some of your rituals? How do you decide on which tracks to release?

I usually sit down with ideas already in my head so I might first sit there with a cup of tea and write down a list of things that I want this production to do – almost penning out an arrangement in text format. Then I’ll reference say 6 or 7 tracks that I feel do a good job of representing the kind of thing I want to make – maybe taking the idea of an acid line from one or a bass and kick combination from another. That’s my usual ritual – but you know other times I might go into the studio and only work on riffs. If I spend a whole day in the studio and at the end of it I have 3 or 4 killer riffs written – then that’s day well spent.


  1. What are you excited for in 2016?

Right now I’m pretty damn excited about coming back to California. I can’t wait to play Ruby Skye and to hang out with the #TranceFamilySF crew. Music wise I’m excited about the release of my remix of Bla Bla Bla – Paul Oakenfold’s new trance single on Perfecto Fluoro. And I have a big new single coming in March called “EZE” which comes with a massive Blazer remix. That’s coming out on one of my all time favourite Psy labels so I’m super excited about that. And then there is a new label that John Askew is starting which I can’t really tell you anything about yet – but it’s going to be massive. Seriously cool.


Catch Eddie Bitar along with John Askew and Arctic Moon at Ruby Skye on January 30th.

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