Deep Voices










Jason “Dyloot” Sperling
Steve Baltes
San Francisco, Ca // Cologne, Germany
Record Label
Adusted Music, Combined Forces, Cloud 9 Music
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In 2004, long time friends and studio partners, Steve Baltes of Germany and Jason Dyloot of San Francisco, joined forces to create Deep Voices. Their passion and dedication in the studio has rapidly scaled the list of exceptionally talented producers and DJS and have played alongside many of the world most talented artists. Their fusion of musical styles create a complex yet magical presence both in the studio and on stage. With a charismatic stage presence, they lure their listeners into a dancing abyss of euphonic and abstract progressive trance. 2011 saw a bright addition to this trans atlantic group, adding Oliver RevillĂ© to the Deep Voices project. After two successful releases for Lange Recordings, “Heat of Glass” and “Autumn Leaves”, their third original release, “Because The Rain”, is set to be out in the early part of 2012 once again on Lange. Behind the decks, their passion for music and their audience is unmistakable. Whether its a small club or a large festival, they are capable of harnessing the energy of all, uniting them as one.
Current Location
Berkeley, CA
General Manager
Artists We Also Like
Thomas Datt, Lange, Space RockerZ, Robert Nickson, The Thrillseekers,
The Cure, Coldplay & Markus Schulz to name a few
Band Interests
star trek
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