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Everyone knows about the DJ Mag voting and understands how important it is. Sadly many of us never even bother to vote. Every year we always get reminded who to vote for and we sometimes figure that our vote doesn’t matter much. Reality is that every vote counts for the top artists and the small artists. In fact they depend on us a lot in their career. We all support their music in many different ways by attending theirs shows and buying their productions. What helps them even more is their current ranking that will ultimately get them more tour shows and recognition.


So this year when you vote, take into consideration 2012. Try not to vote based on past years and memories. Remember that the times have changed with some artists doing better and others struggling. Take a moment to consider who did well this year live, in the studio, on their show, even on their social media. When did they do different this year? What separated them from others? Why would they deserve your vote over others?


Lastly we invite you to share with the rest of us who you voted for. Tell us a little bit about why you voted for certain people and simply tag TranceFamilySF on Facebook or Twitter. Let’s see if TranceFamilySF has a similar taste in their favorite artists. This could even help our local promoters get a better idea of which artists we like in SF and want to continue seeing. Let’s share with others how great 2012 is!


-TranceFamilySF Team

Top 100 DJs 2012 - Vote Now!

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