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TranceFamily SF Most Memorable Moments of 2010


We welcome anyone and everyone to be a part of our community! 10.) Shout Outs 9.) John Beaver 8.) Dash Berlin 7.) Kyau & Albert/ Simon Patterson 6.) Ferry Corsten 5.) ATB 4.) Paul van Dyk 3.) Markus Schulz 2.) POP 2010 1.) “Sique”- Mike Shiver vs Fandy Read More »

Trance Thursday Throwback: “Carte Blanche”

Hey everyone and welcome back to the Trance Thursday Throwback!  Hope you enjoyed last week’s column as we should be getting into Sander van Doorn gear considering his new album that’s about to drop.  For this week let’s rewind all the way back to 1999 for the trance classic: Veracocha’s “Carte Blanche”.  This has been remixed time and time again ... Read More »

TFSF presents: The Trance Thursday Throwback!

Greetings everyone and I hope you all had a great time tuning into the great shows that we had this morning for Trance Thursday.  In case anyone missed it, Kendra and myself were in the TranceFamilySF chatroom live during GDJB talking about the tracks that were being played and just the greatness that is Markus in general.  It was fun ... Read More »

Ulrich Capaul: “Trance reflects life’s sensations.”


I’ve always had a passion for music since I was a kid and still enjoy every kind of music with a huge love for trance.  I was introduced to trance in 2007 by a friend giving him me liveset from Menno de Jong during a Nike Tennis Camp.  I was in charge of the music and he said take “check ... Read More »

Mark Menjivar: Let Me Introduce Myself


Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Begroeting, Hallå, नमस्ते,  您好…TranceFamilySF!  If the picture you see looks familiar, it’s because it is!  My name is Mark Menjivar and you may have seen this handsome face graced on the pages of the guest blogs on for some time now if you have been an avid fan of the website (as I have been). ... Read More »

Your World Through My Eyes | Video Blog 2 | Kendra Aker | Devious Promotions | 03.30.11

Check out Kendra Aker spreading electronic dance music with the team at TranceFamily SF and also her involvement in supporting Save The Rave. Read More »

Save The Rave: A call for action within the California EDM community

MM avatar small

by Mark Menjivar Read More »

Collaborations in Electronic Music; My Dream Wish List !

MM avatar small

What’s up everyone? I haven’t written a column that has required some thought in quite some time since I’ve just been bombarding you with new tunes that have caught my attention or just plain old hot tracks that have been in my rotation. Apologies, as I’ve been holding back. Anyways, time for me to get to a subject that I ... Read More »

Trance in 2010, where do we go from here ?


Trance in 2010, where do we go from here ? by Mark Menjivar Hey what’s going on readers out there in music land. Hope you all have found some new tracks to have in rotation with your iTunes or CD players or whatever it is you use in this day and age (myself being an iTunes man). Wanted to touch ... Read More »

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