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Meet Shaina van Buuren


Allow me to introduce myself..Shaina’s the name, but most of you probably know me as SvB. I’ve been obsessed with music since as far back as I can remember. Seriously. One of my earliest memories is hanging out in pre-school listening to Barney songs on a cassette tape. From there on out, I cycled through various genres: pop, R&B, underground, ... Read More »

Armin van Buuren at Ultra Music Festival 2012 – Show Review


It is about 7 pm in Miami, Florida and the world’s #1 voted DJ David Guetta is just about to jump off the decks for the night’s closing headliner of the final day of the world famous Ultra Music Festival; perhaps the most revered EDM festival in the world.  After a crowd of thousands have been rocked by about an ... Read More »

Join Mark for an interview with Tritonal and a review of their track “Still With Me (Club Mix)”


Well they’ve had us waiting for some time for this one!  Teasing us at shows with previews and tweeting about it, but it’s arrived and it’s HUGE.  Tritonal has finally released their club mix for their album track closer “Still With Me” on Piercing The Quiet as their latest single and the response has been nothing short of overwhelming.  It’s ... Read More »

Skills LovEvolution/Love After: The Love came back with a BANG


Well it’s been almost two weeks now since the Love invaded the grounds of coliseum and the dust has settled.  Now we have rolls full of pictures, heads full of memories, and hearts full of satisfaction to endlessly remind us of the great time that was had that chilly day/night Saturday, September 24th.  Speaking of which, the chilly (and ... Read More »

Trance Thursday Throwback (LovEvolution Edition pt. 2): “Beautiful”

Well, the time has come upon us: LovEvolution is so close the Bay Area can almost taste it!  The glorious return of the premiere EDM showcase in the Bay Area is back and the anticipation is killing us!  I know it’s definitely doing a mind job on all of us here in the TranceFamily SF HQ.  However, before we get ... Read More »

Ulrich Capaul: “Trance reflects life’s sensations.”


I’ve always had a passion for music since I was a kid and still enjoy every kind of music with a huge love for trance.  I was introduced to trance in 2007 by a friend giving him me liveset from Menno de Jong during a Nike Tennis Camp.  I was in charge of the music and he said take “check ... Read More »

Mark Menjivar: Let Me Introduce Myself


Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Begroeting, Hallå, नमस्ते,  您好…TranceFamilySF!  If the picture you see looks familiar, it’s because it is!  My name is Mark Menjivar and you may have seen this handsome face graced on the pages of the guest blogs on for some time now if you have been an avid fan of the website (as I have been). ... Read More »

Save The Rave: A call for action within the California EDM community

MM avatar small

by Mark Menjivar Read More »

Collaborations in Electronic Music; My Dream Wish List !

MM avatar small

What’s up everyone? I haven’t written a column that has required some thought in quite some time since I’ve just been bombarding you with new tunes that have caught my attention or just plain old hot tracks that have been in my rotation. Apologies, as I’ve been holding back. Anyways, time for me to get to a subject that I ... Read More »

Trance in 2010, where do we go from here ?


Trance in 2010, where do we go from here ? by Mark Menjivar Hey what’s going on readers out there in music land. Hope you all have found some new tracks to have in rotation with your iTunes or CD players or whatever it is you use in this day and age (myself being an iTunes man). Wanted to touch ... Read More »

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