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20 Jan: Armin van Buuren at Dreamstate So Cal 2017

When you get to interview one of the biggest names in the Trance community, you have to think long and hard about what you are going to ask. Sure, it’s easy to ask the generic, so tell me about your latest track, what are you working on questions, but honestly, you can find that all on Google. I wanted to know more about what made Armin, well ARMIN.
KSky on GC

19 Jan: Kristina Sky On Board Groove Cruise

I have always been a huge fan of successful women in the music industry. This past October, I got to meet one of them, Kristina Sky. Going on her 8th Groove Cruise, I had the chance to learn about her unplanned journey since 2002 to becoming a DJ. You can definitely tell KSky is passionate about interacting with her fans, whether it is eating pizza or drinking champagne into the early hours of day light. Many of the GC Family on board are hardcore Ksky fans, and sharing sets with them was a beautiful experience, thanks again to TFSF and Neon Owl.
MaRLo_Dreamstate 2017_credit Jake West for Insomniac

09 Jan: Marlo at Dreamstate So Cal 2017

Time after time, I stood in the crowd experiencing MaRLo’s energetic banging music. This past Thanksgiving, I had to the chance to sit down with the man behind Reaching Altitude at Insomniac’s Dreamstate held at the NOS Events Center in So Cal. We talked about his passion for freedom and creativity, discussed his successes, struggles and admiration for Trance Family SF’s fashion sense of stylish pants. He filled us in on how daddy duty was going, adapting to baby River, and where he met his wife!