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Event Review: Markus Schulz @ Marquee | Saturday Jan 11th


With over 62,00 square feet and 50 foot ceilings, parties in Las Vegas don’t get any bigger than Marquee Nightclub and Dayclub. In addition to boasting one of the top DJ lineups in the world it is no wonder that Marquee is the #1 club in the US as rated by DJ Mag in 2013. This past Saturday, Marquee welcomed ... Read More »

Max Graham ‘Cycles 5’ Review

by Spencer Hardwick So I was sitting at my computer taking a break from music and journalistic related things when Sony Jacob, co-founder and one half the brains behind TranceFamily SF, messaged me asking if I would mind taking a stab at reviewing the fifth installment of the Cycles compilation album from Max Graham. Myself, being the trancehead I am, ... Read More »

Interview with Sean Tyas


Tosh Giles (TG) recently caught up with DJ & Producer Sean Tyas (ST) to talk about new music, collaborations and a new US tour. TG: Thanks for jumping on to chat with us today! ST: No problem at all, absolutely my pleasure. TG: I’ve been a fan of yours for quite a while and I love your music, especially your ... Read More »

Interview with Emerge


Emerge discovered his passion for electronic music and production in 2006. His zest for electronic music and the community that it holds is prevalent in his work and his performance. Coming from Visalia, CA, he inspires the pioneering electronic music scene in the valley and has played at various gigs throughout the US. Emerge Life Radio is his radio show that has been a three ... Read More »

Interview with Shogun


Just before his show at Ruby Skye, Shogun caught up with Tosh Giles (TG) to talk about his musical roots, new album and producing music. TG: First off, welcome back to San Francisco! Let’s just dive right in. Do you have a musical background or have you had any professional musical training? Shogun: I’ve actually been playing classical piano since ... Read More »

Interview with Betsie Larkin

photo by Sebastian Artz

This past New Year’s Eve, I had the pleasure of sitting down and leveling with the wonderful Betsie Larkin. I checked back in with her nearly one year later to see what she’s been up to since. With the creation of her new DJ alias, relocation to the West Coast and continuing to work on vocal projects, 2013 has certainly been a busy ... Read More »

Interview with Lange


Recently Tosh Giles spoke with LANGE about his new album, the direction of trance music and his thoughts on upcoming artists TG: Your new album, ‘We Are Lucky People’, has just been released. What can we expect to hear? LANGE: It’s been a year in the making and as well as some new tracks, there are many of the original ... Read More »

Interview with Super8 & Tab


Our Director of Editorial Mark Menjivar recently spoke with Super8 & Tab about their upcoming US tour, New Music and Upcoming artists: MM: Hello guys! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us and visiting San Francisco as part of your new North American “The Way You Want Tour”! S8&T: We are super excited to make another stop ... Read More »

Album Review: Lange – We are Lucky People


In the process of releasing two previous artist albums, Lange has set a high standard for his sound. With his new album, titled ‘We Are Lucky People’, Lange has more than outdone himself. With an overarching theme of gratitude for the beauty of life, each track portrays a distinguishable sensation of both calm and beauty and yet, there is an ... Read More »

Beyond Wonderland Bay Area 2013


Beyond Everything We’ve Seen So Far (Beyond Wonderland Bay Area 2013 Day One Twenty five thousand people descended upon Mountain View in the heart of Silicon Valley for one thing, and one thing only; Beyond Wonderland 2013. What an amazing weekend it was. We decided to blend into the crowd for this event. To get a feel for what it ... Read More »

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