Ashley Wallbridge Ft. Elleah – “Walk on Water”

Ashley Wallbridge Ft. Elleah – “Walk on Water” (AVA Recordings | Armada Music)

Ashley Wallbridge Feat Elleah – Walk On Water ( Club Mix ) by AshleyWallbridge

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Verse I

I hear you calling

Calling my name but I can’t find you

Soft as a whisper

So far away, where I can’t get to

Walking for miles and miles

But I can’t seem to ever get there

This hasn’t done me any good

If only I could….

(Walk… on …Water…)


If only I could… walk on water

If only I could… see your face again

You know that I would… walk on water

So that I could… feel your touch again

(Walk… on …Water…)

(…..see your face again)

Verse II

Wish I was weightless

So I can be right where you are

Light as a feather

Try not to drift away too far

Waves are crashing in

And I’m afraid I’ll never get there

I’m holding on just like I should

If only I could…

Behind the lyrics:

“This song was originally called “Next To You”; an entirely different lyric and song but with the same concept and story.  It’s about someone who wishes to be next to the person he/she loves but couldn’t because he/she’s gazillion miles away (yes, I said ‘gazillion’). Ashley liked the original lyric that I wrote and being such an experienced and phenomenal producer that he is, he knew what works and changed it around. Due to the new arrangement, I re-wrote the entire lyric and melody of the song and turned it into something much better, beyond heartfelt lyrics and a masterpiece… that’s when “Walk on Water” was born.

On a personal note, I write most of my lyrics by experience and how I feel at the time.  With that being said, I must say that I’d be lying if I say that the words to this song is not based on my own experience, because who has not been in a situation like this right?

One thing I can assure you is that this song is very close to my heart and meant a lot to me and being able to share this to all of you is a blessing. I hope that everyone can also relate and that the song can somehow help comfort an aching heart of missing a love one who’s oceans away….”

– Elleah


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