Album Review: Lange – We are Lucky People

In the process of releasing two previous artist albums, Lange has set a high standard for his sound. With his new album, titled ‘We Are Lucky People’, Lange has more than outdone himself. With an overarching theme of gratitude for the beauty of life, each track portrays a distinguishable sensation of both calm and beauty and yet, there is an undeniably pensive tone hiding behind the stunningly elegant synth and vocal melodies.

Even after several listens, switching to high quality headphones reveals an extraordinary level of detail and precision that only a handful of producers can display in today’s electronic music industry. While many of the tracks have seen radio and club play, Lange has taken the time to bring a new perspective to each track in order to provide two ways to experience the energy and emotion of the album. Disc one features Light, Piano, and even Acoustic mixes, while disc two kicks it up a notch with Club and Extended mixes.

While every track is a work of art, a few tracks stand out. Imagineer is a progressive trance beauty that sets the mood for the album, saying, “We are the music makers. We are the dreamers of dreams.” The angelic voice of Cate Kanell is enough to make Fireflies a hit single even without the tight, crisp sound engineering by Lange. This track will stand the tests of time. The same could be said for Insatiable. Hours later, the unparalleled voice of Betsie Larkin will return to your head and make you need to hear it again. As the tracks builds, I can’t help but to close my eyes and imagine hearing this one

The most recent single, A Different Shade of Crazy sneaks up with a wispy piano melody that suddenly bursts into a big room sound that would fit perfectly into a Markus Schulz set. As with the rest of the album, this track has the perfect balance of beauty and darkness. It is hard not to get chills when hearing Crossroads vocalist Stine Grove sing, “There’s a whisper in the hallway saying, ‘Don’t just let it be.’” The disc one version is a Percussive Mix that offers a completely different approach than the club mix.

Anyone who has heard the title track for ‘We Are Lucky People’ will have an idea of the power that Lange has packed into each of these tracks. As the melody takes hold, a certain feeling of calm warms the heart and whisks the listener away to a beautiful state of mind. In a sense, Lange has brought out the true denotative meaning of trance with each track on this album.

With twenty-six tracks (including the continuous mix), this masterpiece belongs in every trance enthusiast’s collection.

– Tosh Giles
@ToshGiles on Twitter

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