TranceFamily SF Turns 9 Years Old

TranceFamilySF started 9 years ago today and it’s crazy to see what can happen to a simple Facebook group page. If you would have asked us back then what it was, it was just a group page to connect with trance members in our community. After Armin van Buuren asked what “TranceFamily” is at ASOT400, it went viral with TranceFamiles around the world popping up everywhere.

Today TFSF is the largest TranceFamily city organization thanks to all the continued support from people in our community, artists around the world, promoters, venues and many other things. Looking back over the years, the initial days were promoting trance events at Ruby Skye thanks to Bjorn Niclas and Guiv Naimi with video recaps, some pictures, and of course social media posts. After some time there was such demand for up-and-coming artists that we really wanted to see who weren’t getting booked in SF which ultimately led to the events we now throw today.

Many other cities with once thriving TranceFamily organizations have slowed or gone dormant, but the worldwide TranceFamily is stronger than ever. Over 9 years we’ve passed out over 80K brackets with “In Every Beat, We Are Closer”, a bracelet that is still proudly worn by many today. You can also find TFSF shirts and flags all over the world, so if there’s a trance event going on, there’s a high chance of seeing our flag in the crowd 🙂

We are very lucky in SF to have a family so connected and supportive through trance. The energy on the dance floor has always been great, but we believe since TFSF7 there was an additional spark that has continued through today. It’s hard to believe the number of exclusive meet and greets with pretty much every trance artist, and it’s incredible to think of how fortunate we are as not many cities are that lucky. We still remember one of the first at POPNYE where it almost didn’t happen, but thanks to the artists and Jason Sperling, we were fortunate enough to do it.

Our team has grown over time, and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has  contributed. We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone past and present who has helped behind the scenes with TranceFamilySF. While there are simply too many to name, just know we appreciate everyone who has helped with flyer design, hospitality, marketing, street team, transport, contributing ideas, and of course promoting relentlessly for TFSF.

This year Exploration of Trance starts the next chapter in TFSF. The last two annual celebrations have been with the theme of returning or back to the past, and this year we wanted to look ahead. One of the biggest changes has been unifying TranceFamilySF, Phoria, and Transcend to promote as a team together in SF. We are also very proud of the new partnership with Dreamstate. We entered this agreement after much consideration, as in the end, it simply came down to how can we bring the best events possible to SF.  We are already working on some exciting ideas for TFSF10, and we can’t wait to share more details as soon as possible.

There are a ton of upcoming events, and we know how busy everyone can be, so we’ll continue to share information as soon as possible. The moment we’ve held a date, you’ll notice it as a TBA date on the landing page. Plus we’re working on even more TFSF Experiences to give you the chance to hangout with your favorite artists inside and outside of the club.

At the end of the day, we will continue keeping trance alive in SF. Take a moment today to reach out to those that you’ve met through trance and remember those moments where you first discovered trance. Trance is something you can’t explain and just have to experience.

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.  – Sony and Uli


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